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Our Mission

Build Lasting Relationships · Create Valuable Solutions · Hit Target Deadlines · Grow Client Income  

Avemac Consulting is a bespoke, multidisciplinary consulting firm focused on helping small and mid-market clients grow and scale to the next level of revenue opportunity.  Our strategic technology consultants have successful project delivery experience in many different industries and business functions that we leverage to help you, our clients, achieve more from your current operations, develop new revenue channels to augment existing service offerings and to conceptualize and develop completely new income sources.  

Ultimately, providing the least cost, most effective solution, on time every time, is our mission…along with ensuring our clients are successful, happy with our work and part of our community long-term.  With Avemac Consulting, you can rest assured we will be part of your team, clearly understand your needs and treat each of your projects as our own. 

IT Consulting

Finding qualified and experienced technology leadership can be hard fought given the very competitive nature of business markets.  These resources also tend to be very expensive, so retaining a tenured leader full time is not always an option.  Independent IT consultants fill resource gaps and deliver specialized technology management and engineering expertise on demand; saving you time and money. 

If your company is struggling with efficient technology operations, building an effective technology department, is in need of an infrastructure or systems refresh or requires help defining a new systems-based product or service, Avemac Consulting is here to provide solutions.  We are experienced, senior IT consulting and technology professionals with decades of real world IT management expertise from startup sized organizations to global enterprises.

Our team is well versed in modern custom software development practices and cloud provider services.  Assisting our clients with the definition, planning and development of complex ecosystems, innovative technology platforms and business alignment initiatives is in our blood.  

You can trust Avemac Consulting as an experienced partner committed to your business growth and efficiency.  We are here to help visualize your ideas, support your overall operations model development, assist with implementation planning, and lead solution development from start to finish.  Learn more ➞

CTO Consulting Services

Executive technology leadership for short-term resource gaps, additional expertise or team development.

Technology Management

Roadmap assessments, structure and planning to match product development strategy and resource capabilities.

Business Alignment

Alignment of current and potential technical systems with business objectives and resource planning.

Service Models

Where do we start?  How do we transition to a different delivery model? Can we leverage our technology investment in multiple ways?  Will this solution scale?

These are some of the questions you may be asking, depending on where you are in your product’s development life cycle.  One of the bigger challenges when entering new territory is avoiding the mistakes that inherently cause delays and cost overruns; either during initial project delivery or worse, later on when customer load on systems exposes design flaws.

Experience and know-how go a long way in making a mediocre solution a great one.  Our strategic technology consultants understand and have personally been involved with and developed many different business models and delivery paradigms.  We can help your team understand how different decisions will impact your service offering and how to choose alternatives that meet your company’s requirements.    

As A Service

The XaaS, flexible service consumption model, is now a permanent delivery option in today’s business and consumer markets.  We can help your business:

  • Design and plan service platforms
  • Align operations with service features
  • Oversee platform delivery efforts
  • Evaluate partner solutions and terms
  • Ensure service continuity needs are met
  • Support product development 


“On behalf of”, white labeled services come in many shapes and sizes.  Often these models are implemented as multi-tenant platforms, but may also fit a PaaS structure given proper upfront consideration.  We help our clients:

  • Architect end-to-end solutions
  • Integrate with wholesale providers
  • Create customer user interfaces
  • Define and structure operations
  • Support B2B/B2C objectives


For businesses with extensive internal operations or platforms sold as complete solutions; generally wholesale or business to business.  Our services include:

  • Researching and identifying options
  • Scoping effort and budgets
  • Defining systems and processes
  • Creating implementation plans
  • Supporting solution development
  • Guiding implementation and planning

Solutions Development

When creating new service channels or augmenting existing platforms, having all of the expertise you need in-house can be both expensive and difficult to maintain.  Knowing when to focus resources on core feature enhancements and when to bring in external support is an ever changing landscape based upon the task at hand and the intended outcome.  An experienced custom software development consultant can bridge the gaps between internal knowledge and specialized expertise.  

At Avemac Consulting, our systems designers are multidisciplinary professionals.  We have hands-on experience at the executive and engineering levels.  Our team has extensive knowledge of operational systems, processes and workflow and how these functions tie into product development, marketing, finance and sales.  We don’t just focus on technology, we look at your business as a whole and deliver solutions aligned with your operational goals.

Partnering with Avemac Consulting will expand your technology department’s skill set and provide broad, experienced support to your design and delivery efforts.  Our strategic technology consultants have decades of solutions development experience with traditional product development and flexible consumer models.  We thrive on understanding our client’s business objectives end-to-end and then applying our know-how to define a solution that meets both tactical near-term requirements and aligns with your company’s long-term strategic goals.  Learn more ➞

Solutions Architecture

Complex SaaS, Paas, ecosystem and high availability design and custom software development support.

Systems Integration

Robust solutions development for internal, partner and open source platform collaborations.

Software Engineering

Proof of concept development for critical initiatives, machine learning and operational business intelligence.

Leading Edge

Keeping up with new technology advances is difficult enough, let alone determining how to leverage new technologies to grow additional revenue from existing clients…as well as attract new customers.  At Avemac Consulting, we increase our technology understanding on a daily basis and combine this knowledge with decades of solutions development and management experience to provide our clients with exceptional insights and guidance to incorporate leading edge technologies into service offerings that help build new channel opportunities.

Since we are a boutique solutions provider, we are open to exploring technologies our clients find compelling as well as those we focus on directly.  When working with Avemac Consulting you can be sure our team of strategic technology consultants will bring passion to your project and will go the extra mile to find a solution that works for you.

Machine Learning

Integrating machine learning functionality into existing data pipelines and then injecting outcomes back into operational systems can be challenging.  We support our clients by…

  • Identifying usable data sets
  • Defining system integration points
  • Integrating cloud/commercial solutions
  • Developing custom pipelines
  • Helping productize ML services

Internet of Things

Whether your goal is to develop a custom platform or create something new from existing systems, we can help…

  • Develop IoT SaaS/PaaS solutions
  • Integrate ML/AI with IoT data streams
  • Create managed services ecosystems
  • Augment internal business operations
  • Leverage cloud provider systems
  • Utilize mobile connectivity options

MVNO & Connectivity

Mobile connectivity is the backbone for many connected devices and services in today’s “always on” culture…we leverage our expertise to help clients…

  • Create data-only mobile solutions
  • Develop robust service ecosystems
  • Design highly available cloud systems
  • Plan and implement operations
  • Navigate carrier cellular technology

About Avemac Consulting

Founded in 2019, Avemac Consulting is an IT Advisory and Solutions Development company. We partner with small and mid-market clients to deliver exceptional leadership and value across a broad range of business functions, including executive level technology management, solutions architecture, custom software development, cloud services, operations and product development.

Our focus is on the financial benefits of improved operational efficiency, technology planning, complex ecosystem collaborations and disruptive products/services.

We specialize in service channel operations, supporting systems orchestration and augmenting existing platform solutions with IoT and Machine Learning enhancements.

Engagement Options

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For short-term initial discovery efforts, feasibility research and planning.

Base Rate · No Term Commitment · 20 Hour Monthly Minimum


Mid-range engagements for project definition, planning and design.

Reduced Rate · 3+ Month Term Commitment · 40 Hour Monthly Minimum


Long-term commitment for complex project scopes and migrations.

Project Rate · 6+ Month Term Commitment · 60 Hour Monthly Minimum

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