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Avemac Consulting is a business consulting and advanced technology solutions company.  We work with small and mid-sized organizations to provide strategic guidance, planning and implementation leadership for business owners, executives and senior management.

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Avemac Consulting was founded in 2019 to provide expert business and technology consulting services.  We are a Midwest based consultancy, located in Iowa, made up of like minded technology and business executive managers. We partner with clients to ensure your goals are met in the most cost-effective, practical manner possible.  Hiring Avemac Consulting means gaining an innovative, technical and entrepreneurial leader to help solve your toughest business problems and growth objectives.
Greater Innovation
When partnering with Avemac Consulting, you gain a team driven by passion for disruptive solutions. Due to this, your business will lower overhead, gain improved product quality and greater revenue potential.

Competitive Advantage

Avemac consultants work to develop solutions unique to your organization by tailoring to your business needs and identifying solutions that will set your organization apart.

Improved Efficiency

With deep roots in solutions architecture, technology and operational processes, Avemac consultants will provide your organization with insight into business efficiency opportunities that will improve margins.

With decades of experience across many different industries, systems, technologies and management ideologies, consultants at Avemac Consulting provide our clients with strategic, end-to-end revenue growth potential, margin efficiency and long-term planning.  Our team is dedicated to providing your business with solutions you can depend on for innovative, competitive success.

Need help strategizing new revenue streams, improving operational processes, developing a new product or service, or overcoming growth obstacles?

Is your technology department struggling with inefficient processes or legacy pitfalls and needs help identifying the most effective options available for long-term success?

Looking to build an MVNO, MVNE or perhaps an MNO, and need assistance with wholesale carrier planning, contract negotiations, business operations, OSS or technical infrastructure?

Is your company thinking about creating an IoT ecosystem to augment your existing products? We have experience with end-to-end solution development, device integration, OSS and event delivery.

Are you searching for operational improvements to enhance consumer value or develop a new product? A machine learning integration may be the answer.

Articles and guides related to business and technology insights as seen by consultants at Avemac Consulting.  Covering topics related to business management, technology consulting, mobile networks, IoT ecosystems, cloud services and machine learning.