Google’s SmartReply, an AI powered software, to release on popular YouTube platform in 2020

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Google's SmartReply, an AI powered software, to release on popular YouTube platform in 2020.

Google’s SmartReply, released in 2016, is driving AI-powered predictive text for millions of users. The technology is most popular for its predictive text use on Gmail, allowing users tab along predicted messages when crafting emails. The AI driven software allows for sped up responses, and less effort on the part of the author.

Google now announces its plans to introduce the platform to YouTube Studio, a  dashboard used by video creators. The adaptation will allow for creators to respond to views with ease using this same predictive text option in the comment section. The new addition also plans to handle more diverse character sets and the use of emojis when predicting responses.

To learn more about Google’s SmartReply introduction to YouTube, click here

Google's SmartReply AI Youtube
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