About Avemac Consulting
Business and Technology Services

Avemac Consulting is a business solutions consulting and advanced technology company.  We provide comprehensive business guidance and specialized technology roadmaps for a wide range of industries.  Avemac Consulting can help tackle your toughest challenges.

Who We Serve

We help organizations in all stages of development, with a focus on the small business and mid-sized market.

Who We Are

We are a Midwest based consultancy, located in Iowa, made up of like minded technology and business executive managers.  We are available for onsite engagements in the Midwest or through virtual/remote communication methods within the United States and Canada.

Business Solutions Consulting and Advanced Technology

Avemac Consulting was founded in 2019 to provide expert business and technology consulting services.  We partner with clients to ensure your goals are met in the most cost-effective, practical manner possible.  Hiring Avemac Consulting means gaining an innovative, technical and entrepreneurial leader to help solve your toughest business problems and growth objectives.

Comprehensive Industry Experience

Our team has decades of experience with solutions architecture, software development, cloud and hardware infrastructure, billing solutions, eCommerce, logistics and customer service.  Our consulting practices focus on executive management, operations, product development and technology.  We specialize in MVNO startups and operations, mobile telecommunications, IoT ecosystems, machine learning integrations, cloud solutions and more.

Strengths and Values that set us apart

Avemac Consulting is driven by a passion for problem solving and innovation that manifests in our work ethic and commitment to our clients.  We are dedicated to quality results and will accept nothing but successful implementations for our clients.  While we understand engineering and tactical implementation, our approach is strategic and forward-thinking.  We make the effort to learn the details of your unique situation and to ensure each solution we provide addresses both your short-term and long-term expectations.  We are used to collaborating at all levels and translate our knowledge effectively regardless of the audience.

We aren’t slick marketers with a lot of hollow words.  The team at Avemac Consulting are experienced executives and engineers.  We focus on delivering effective solutions with an entrepreneurial spirit and a perspective tailored to your needs.

Ten Times The Value At Half The Price

One of the characteristics about Avemac Consulting that sets up apart is value.  The big, well known consulting firms are expensive, often lose sight of their client’s objectives and very seldom provide that personal, “skin in the game” commitment found at specialized consultancies.  Our goal on every project is to provide real value worth at least ten times our fee, a personalized experience, and exceptional performance at rates well below what the large firms require.

Meet The Founder

About Avemac Consulting | AVEMAC CONSULTING | Business Solutions | Mike Schmidt | Founder | Consultant | Executive | Engineer



“After decades working as an executive leader and solutions architect for corporations, small businesses and startups, I founded Avemac Consulting to share this knowledge and to build a first class team of consultants dedicated to helping companies solve their most difficult problems, develop innovative services and plan their future growth initiatives.”

About Avemac Consulting's Vision

Avemac Consulting understands the importance of our client’s business objectives and we are committed to delivering exceptional value on every project.  We always uphold our standards of excellence and offer bold, innovative solutions that guide our clients towards success.

Our Clients Rely Upon Us

  • To analyze and grow their existing products and services.
  • To help ideate, define and implement new products and services.
  • To solve resource, operational and technology growth constraints.
  • To improve operational efficiency and automation.
  • To design end-to-end solutions that make their organization better.

Why Choose Us

Avemac Consulting delivers comprehensive, strategic solutions that grow business revenues, improve operational quality, reduce costs and cut through market competition.  At Avemac Consulting, we tailor our solutions and expertise to work for you. 

Competitive Advantage

Avemac consultants work to develop solutions unique to your organization by tailoring to your business needs and identifying solutions that will set your organization apart.

Positive Results

Successful client projects are not just important, they are a fundamental requirement.  Avemac consultants thoroughly review each client engagement to ensure we are the right fit.

Faster Deliverables

Hiring Avemac Consulting means getting a consultant with extensive experience across a broad spectrum of industries. This expertise translates into faster projects, accurate guidance and first class innovation.

Cost Reduction

Consultants at Avemac think strategically across all business functions to help your company identify potential improvements to operations, products and business services that drive down costs.

Greater Innovation

When partnering with Avemac Consulting, you gain a team driven by passion for disruptive solutions. Due to this, your business will lower overhead, gain improved product quality and greater revenue potential.

Improved Efficiency

With deep roots in solutions architecture, technology and operational processes, Avemac consultants will provide your organization with insight into business efficiency opportunities that will improve margins.

Hands On Experience

Avemac consultants are practitioners as well.  We understand how to build effective teams, design innovative solutions, and drive projects to accurate and timely completion.

Growth Opportunities

Avemac Consulting is always looking for opportunities to provide your business with additional revenue options. We will always make recommendations that will add value to your organization.


Avemac Consulting takes the time to understand your business, processes and key metrics to ensure all solutions work for you.


We think strategically. Providing outside the box ideas that spark innovation, new products and services, and unique revenue opportunities.


Decades of evolving roles and experiences across many industries ensure Avemac consultants provide deep insights that bridge organizational needs.

Expert Translation

An expert translator on your team will keep requirements aligned and projects moving forward more accurately.


Avemac consultants bridge the gaps between operations, product development, marketing, sales, legal, finance and technology teams.

Technology Core

Avemac understands how technology enables business and how businesses must adapt technology to succeed.

About Avemac Consulting's Experience

Few companies have the means to afford major mistakes.  It is imperative when selecting a consulting partner that the partner has real world experience within your industry or has established skills that are easily transferable between industries.

Academic knowledge and insights are important, but without actual operations and product development experience there will be unforeseen gaps in planning and obstacles to overcome that an experienced adviser would help mitigate.

Consultants at Avemac Consulting have decades of progressive experience in engineering, solutions architecture and executive roles.

  • API Service Interfaces and Integrations
  • Automatic Payment Processing and Payment Gateways
  • COGS, SG&A Accounting Rules and Integration
  • Cross-functional Roadmaps and Planning
  • Debt Collection Workflow and Systems
  • Dynamic Invoice and Statement Management
  • High Performance Usage Rating and Metering
  • Market/Competition Analysis and Gap Identification
  • Multi-Tenant Managed Services and Wholesale Billing
  • OSS/BSS Architecture and Solutions
  • Performance, Cost and Audit Reporting
  • Subscriber/Account Migrations and Synchronization
  • Taxation, Jurisdictions and Solutions Integration
  • Usage Based Billing, Taxation and Accounting
  • Vendor Analysis, Selection and Contract Negotiations
  • Virtual Bill Cycles and Exception Auditing
  • ACD Integrations and Call Automation
  • Agent Script Automation and Screen Pop
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Call Recording and Agent Training
  • Cross-functional Roadmaps and Planning
  • Database Administration, Modeling and Management
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • Enterprise Change Management
  • Extensive ROI/TCO Studies
  • Global, Multi-Vendor MPLS VOIP Networks
  • IVR Configuration and Development
  • KPI Collection, Reporting and Analysis
  • Multi-Million Dollar Fiscal Budget Planning
  • OSS System Architecture and Development
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation
  • Software Engineering and Management
  • Systems Integration and Efficiency Improvements
  • Vendor Analysis, Selection and Contract Negotiations
  • Cart and Order Management
  • Cross-functional Roadmaps and Planning
  • Dynamic Product and Service Catalogs
  • Dynamic Product Content and Dependencies
  • Dynamic Product and Service Bundle Discounts
  • Fulfillment, Provisioning and Shipping Solutions
  • Market/Competition Analysis and Gap Identification
  • One Time / Recurring and Subscription Billing
  • Payment Gateways and Credit Card Processing
  • PCI Compliant Implementations and Auditing
  • Reverse Logistics and Warranty Returns
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation
  • SEO / Digital Marketing / Lead Gen / Analytics
  • Vendor Analysis, Selection and Contract Negotiations
  • Business Acquisition Analysis and Merger Planning
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • C Level Executive Management
  • Client Contract Development and Negotiations
  • Cloud Services, Migrations and Planning
  • Complex Solution Architecture and Planning
  • Compliance and Regulatory Reviews
  • Data Administration, Modeling and Analytics
  • Data Center Design and Management
  • Enterprise Architecture and Governance
  • Infrastructure Architecture and Management
  • OLTP Platform and OSS/BSS Solutions
  • Product Development and Strategy
  • Product Line P&L Modeling and Management
  • Quality Assurance and DevOps
  • Revenue Generating Opportunities and Sales
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation
  • SaaS/PaaS Ecosystems and Vendor Integrations
  • Software Engineering and Management
  • Tactical Marketing Functions (SEO, Lead Gen, Campaigns)
  • Tactical Sales Functions (Channel/Funnel Identification)
  • Vendor Analysis, Selection and Contract Negotiations
  • Accounting System Integration and Development
  • ATM Networks, Development and Integration
  • Bank Teller Systems and Development
  • Financial Loan Processing Systems and Development
  • Hospital Documentation Systems
  • Hospital Systems Integration (HL7)
  • Motor Vehicle Violation Analytics and Reporting
  • Payment Gateway Development and Integration
  • Payment Processing and Lockbox Services
  • PCI Compliance, Auditing and Security
  • Tax Management and Solution Integration
  • Analytics and Behavior Processing
  • Cross-functional Roadmaps and Planning
  • Data Protocols (MQTT/AMQP/CoAP/REST)
  • Device Controls and Network Security
  • Event Message Brokers and Gateways
  • Hardware and Device Management
  • Market/Competition Analysis and Gap Identification
  • Micro Service API Integrations
  • Multi-tenant Clustered Ecosystems
  • Networks and Device Provisioning
  • OSS/BSS Architecture and Solutions
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation
  • Vendor Analysis, Selection and Contract Negotiations
  • Automatic Inventory Ordering
  • Commercial Solution Deployments and Integration
  • Cross-functional Roadmaps and Planning
  • Custom Solution Design and Development
  • Financials, Accounting and COGS Management
  • Inventory Audit and Reporting
  • Market/Competition Analysis and Gap Identification
  • Mobile Inventory Scanning Solutions
  • Point of Sale Systems and Integration
  • Product Location Tracking
  • Receiving Operations and Auditing
  • Returns / Warranty / Scrap Functions
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation
  • Shipment Location and Delivery Tracking
  • Vendor Analysis, Selection and Contract Negotiations
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Carrier Integrations (Verizon, Sprint, TMobile, USCellular)
  • Carrier Line Cost Analysis
  • Carrier Rate Management and Contracts
  • CDR/UDR Mediation, Rating and Metering
  • Client Development and Support
  • Compliance and Regulatory Reviews
  • Cross-functional Roadmaps and Planning
  • Customer Service Sales and Support
  • Forward/Reverse Logistics and Inventory
  • Market/Competition Analysis and Gap Identification
  • MVNE/MVNA Platforms and Service Ecosystems
  • MVNO Service Platforms and Management
  • “On Behalf Of” Managed Services
  • OSS/BSS Sales and Solutions
  • Price and Rate Determination
  • Product Line P&L Modeling, Forecasts and ROI
  • Realtime and Near-Realtime Service Management
  • Realtime Gy and Proprietary OCS Solutions
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation
  • Subscriber and Device Management
  • Vendor Analysis, Selection and Contract Negotiations
  • Wireless Ecommerce, Order Management and Billing

Cellular Network Expertise

  • 3G/4G/5G Solutions
  • Application Server Network Integrations
  • Carrier Roaming Aggregation Services
  • Cross Border ITU 901 IMSI Range
  • Data-only IoT device networks
  • Direct Roaming Agreement Interconnects
  • GSMA and ATSI Requirements
  • Evolved Packet Core (EPC) Functions and Architecture
  • Financial and Data Roaming Settlement
  • IMSI Leasing Solutions
  • IR.21 Configuration and IPX-GRX Service Integrations
  • IREG and TADIG Testing
  • LTE Diameter Signaling
  • Operational Support System Design and Development
  • Operational Support System Network Integrations
  • Packet Gateway Designs
  • Private LTE Implementations
  • Spectrum Lease and Tower Site / Build Out
  • Subscriber Management (HLR-HSS)
  • UMTS Network Signaling Protocols
  • USIM and ESIM Configuration

Industry Verticals

Avemac consultants have experience with many industries and quickly learn new environments and market idiosyncrasies. As an added benefit, having such a broad exposure allows Avemac to draw upon valuable insights from other industries when delivering innovative solutions for your organization.


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Fleet Management



Asset Tracking

Customer Service


Internet of Things




Health Services




Financial Services