Assessments and Risks

Strategic assessments of technology and operational risk help companies identify problem areas that impact business efficiency, growth and stability. Assessing technology adoption and operational risk on a regular basis supports a healthy, resilient business and controlled mitigation strategy. In addition to calling out potential hotspots, these efforts help ensure preparedness in the event of an unforeseen business impact and assist with uncovering inefficient and costly technologies. Our team of strategic technology consultants can help identify technology, operations and product/services risks and inefficiencies that may impact your organization. We can assist with the development of a operational risk assessment log and categorize each risk according to exposure and business function. Our team will then identify mitigation steps to manage or eliminate the impacts. The following list contains typical functions we perform.
  • Cloud migration opportunities (AWSAzureGCS).
  • Compliance reviews (i.e. PCICPNISSAE).
  • DevOps and quality assurance.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • General technology use and implementation.
  • Infrastructure improvements and technology refresh.
  • Internal IP (“Intellectual Property”) potential.
  • Operational efficiency and risk analysis.
  • Product and service assessments.
  • Software development procedures.
  • Staff and process automation opportunities.
  • Systems and information security practices.
  • Technical team effectiveness and capabilities.
  • Technology budgets and planning.
  • Vendor reviews for fit and function.