Billing Solutions

If your organization provides recurring services then billing is an important part of your operations.

Ensuring your customers are billed in a timely and accurate manner impacts cashflow and customer experience.  It is imperative that your billing solution is efficient.

In companies that are growing it is not uncommon for an existing manual process or billing solution to fall short when a certain customer threshold or service level is reached.

Or in the event your company adds new products or services of a type not supported by your billing solution, you need an effective way to move your operations to a new platform.

Avemac Consulting has experience with large billing platforms of 500K+ customers in both non-recurring and recurring billing scenarios.

We can assist with planning and migration from existing systems to new platforms.

Our team has expertise with integration and custom development between billing systems and order management, fulfillment, provisioning, shipping, accounting and inventory management systems.

We have also designed from scratch, developed and implemented billing systems for usage based products and services that require real time mediation, rating and metering solutions.