Build, Buy, Partner or Acquire

Organizations that set themselves apart based upon their use of technology (whether internal or external) must know when to build solutions versus buy, partner or acquire.  Each approach requires careful consideration and insight.

To build, does your organization have the skill? Can you create and maintain the solution cheaper and with less time? Is this a strategic part of your business best kept in-house?  These are some of the questions we will assess when working with your teams.

Buying may be the correct option if the criteria for building are not feasible.  If the need is not a core value add, but client perception is important, then buying a known industry standard makes sense.

Acquiring the solution or partnering becomes realistic when the requirements are complex and critical to the products and services being offered.  Especially when neither entity can provide the full solution on their own.

Avemac Consulting can help your organization think through these considerations and develop a strategy that works for your unique circumstances.