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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is how many companies ensure minimized issues and defects in manufactured products and services. Quality control and quality assurance tend to be used

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Voice Over IP

Voice over IP (VOIP) is delivering voice communication and multimedia over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. The process involves encoding, signaling, channel set-up, and the digitization

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Wholesale Carrier

A wholesale carrier is the owner or operator of a telecommunications network that sells capacity to other telecommunication service providers.

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Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a trademark of the European Standards Telecommunications Institute (ETSI) and is a standard for wireless broadband communication. LTE is used

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Future Proof

Future proof or future-proofing is a term used to describe the anticipation of future events to minimize stress and change on development. Implementing this strategy on

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Costs of Goods Sold

COGS means the direct cost of producing a product sold by a company. It excludes indirect expense, like sales force or distribution cost. It does include

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