Transforming an existing infrastructure from a unique, esoteric legacy implementation into a modern, cloud managed solution can be a major undertaking spanning weeks, months, and even years. Avemac Consulting specializes in assessing legacy implementations, devising a migration strategy and overseeing the steps required to support your capital and expense management initiatives.

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Avemac consultants can provide analysis of existing infrastructure and refresh plans, feasibility of migration, assessment of available cloud service providers and reviews of cloud services, 3rd party providers and open source providers to ensure the best fit for your company.


Avemac consultants can provide design for architecture solutions, high-performance service clusters, operational systems, migration plans, future proofing solutions and development of technical NOC and service monitoring for your company's peace of mind.


Avemac consultants can provide ROI assessments, review of 3rd party selection, plans for project development during complex migration and give oversight into technology refresh efforts and migration all to guide your companies smooth transition to the cloud.

Ready to move your business forward?