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Our Mission

Build Better Outcomes.  Create High Value Solutions.  Hit Target Deadlines.  Improve Business Alignment.  

These are targets Avemac Consulting strives to achieve on every project.  Finding the least cost, most effective solution every time is our goal.  You can count on us to treat your business initiatives as if they were our own.

Service Categories

Avemac Consulting is an IT management and solution development consultancy.  We help our clients overcome obstacles related to growth and efficiency within their operations and technical systems.  We also focus on the strategy, architecture and visualization of systems and platforms needed to support internal operational systems, retail/B2B IoT services, mobile connectivity, machine learning integrations and managed services initiatives.  Solutions may involve the design of custom software, leveraging open source platforms, cloud provider services and commercial products…all integrated together to form a larger services ecosystem.

Interim CIO/CTO

Executive technology leadership for short-term resource gaps, additional expertise or team development.

Solutions Architecture

Complex SaaS/Paas and ecosystem design and development support for modern digital business operations.

Systems Integration

Robust solutions development for internal, partner and open source platform collaborations.

Technology Strategy

Roadmap assessment and planning to match product development strategy and resource capabilities.

Product Development

Alignment of current and potential technical systems with business objectives and product roadmaps.

Software Engineering

Proof of concept development for critical initiatives, machine learning and operational business intelligence.

Functional Expertise

At Avemac Consulting, we focus on several different areas of technology; mainly oriented towards service provider channels and internal operational systems.  If your organization needs help planning a managed services or self-service platform to support your business offerings we can help strategize options, architect the solution and support the development and implementation of the finished product.  We also assist clients with enhancement of existing solutions.

General IT Management

With over 20 years of executive and tactical management experience, our consultants can support your IT initiatives…

  • Visualize and plan IT decision impacts
  • Align technology with business goals
  • Overcome growth obstacles
  • Plan legacy system migrations
  • Build better technology teams
  • Architect and oversee complex projects

Internet of Things

Whether your goal is to develop a custom platform or create something new from existing systems, we can help…

  • Develop IoT SaaS/PaaS solutions
  • Integrate ML/AI with IoT data streams
  • Create managed services ecosystems
  • Define and structure operations
  • Leverage cloud provider systems
  • Utilize mobile network connectivity 


Avemac consultants help resource planning and operational support systems drive efficiency and quality improvements for…

  • Billing solutions and taxation
  • Inventory management
  • Fulfillment and provisioning systems
  • Customer care and CRM
  • Financial system integrations
  • Data warehousing and analytics

Machine Learning

Integrating machine learning functionality into existing data pipelines and then injecting outcomes back into operational systems can be challenging.  We support our clients by…

  • Identifying usable data sets
  • Defining system integration points
  • Integrating cloud/commercial solutions
  • Developing custom pipelines

MVNO & Mobile

Mobile connectivity is the backbone for many connected devices and services…we leverage our expertise to help clients…

  • Create data-only mobile solutions
  • Develop robust service ecosystems
  • Operate via cloud provider systems
  • Plan and implement operations
  • Support mobile carrier technology

Managed Services

We help clients develop solutions to support white labeled operations for B2B/wholesale platforms and retail services…

  • Identify and define functional features
  • Architect feature implementations
  • Design operational interaction points
  • Integrate supporting systems / teams
  • Support product development strategy

About Avemac Consulting

Founded in 2019, Avemac Consulting serves SMB and Enterprise clients.  With extensive engineering and executive experience, we focus our expertise towards technology planning and solutions development for end-to-end digital operations.

Our industry experience includes B2B and retail mobile services, IoT device and network management systems, operational support systems, retail product sales, customer care, B2B managed services and usage/subscription billing platforms.