Customer Service and CRM

Order, service and customer management for information and technology based products and services are complex.

Depending upon the sophistication of operations, customer service departments must develop manual processes to address customer requests and are oftentimes required to make individual changes to multiple systems in order to complete a single request.

Processes such as these are prone to mistakes, require a high level of training, and do not scale well once an organization grows beyond a manageable size

To compound these concerns, customer service is often employed to perform sales as well as relationship management; increasing the risk of mistakes during the ordering process.

Isolating change requests to a CRM solution for customer service improves quality, completion times, and customer satisfaction.

Avemac Consulting has designed and developed in-house CRM solutions supporting thousands of users as well as leveraging open source and commercial applications to solve complex implementations.

Our team has experience creating self-service portals and IVR integrations to reduce customer service staff requirements.

We understand customer service staffing and the importance of handle times and efficient call management.

Our approach is exception based.  We architect solutions that automate the majority of functions so staff can focus on the exceptions.  This reduces overhead.

Areas we focus on:

  • Administrative sales portals.
  • Sales incentives.
  • Order management.
  • Product and service delivery.
  • Returns and issue management.
  • Payment and invoice handling.
  • Billing interfaces and change requests.
  • Provisioning modifications.
  • Shipping and logistics change requests.
  • Self service portals and IVR integrations.
  • Management controls, reporting and analytics.
  • Consistent interfaces and reduced training overhead.