Ecosystem Assesments

Evaluating your operational ecosystem on a regular basis is a good way to catch serious issues before they become big problems.

In some instances, a cultural choice to rely heavily upon manual processes can create so much resource overhead that processes are grossly inefficient by as much as 1000%.  Knowing when to start automating will prevent having to play catch-up when sales grow.

Operational systems evolve over time and naturally become victims of overly complex logic, manual processes, non-standard services, failed enhancements and faulty implementations. These issues increase errors, drive down quality and hurt customer satisfaction.  An unbiased review will help identify these concerns.

And there are also times when new enhancements are needed, but the existing platform is not robust enough to support the requirements.  This is when a thorough review of operational systems is needed and a plan designed to move the business forward.

Our strategic technology consultants have worked in operations and technology for decades.  We understand efficiency, consistency and customer quality and how to leverage technology to achieve the best results.

Some of the assessment services we provide include:

  • Review of systems and processes to assess unnecessary overhead.

  • Collaboration with operations staff to determine efficiency improvements.

  • Identification of existing processes that could be automated to an exception based approach.

  • Ecosystem performance capabilities matched up with expected forecasts.

  • Review of staff versus systems capabilities.

  • Analysis of systems continuity resilience, planning and testing.

  • Identification of integrated versus swivel chair solutions.

  • Assessment of management reporting and intelligence data available to operations.

  • General system features, capabilities and processing performance.

  • Areas of functionality that could be better served with an enhanced solution.