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Leadership Support


Technology use in business is a requirement to be successful.  And while technology understanding within the workforce is improving year-over-year the rate of new technology advancements is keeping pace; ensuring at best a static adoption rate by users within both technical and non-technical teams, partners and customers.

Making the decisions to introduce new technologies, process changes or service channels into an organization’s existing workflow requires a clear understanding of the impacts, benefits and long-term risks to customers, employees and required resources.

We provide a number of consulting roles to help business leaders determine how decisions will impact their operations.  We combine decades of functional business unit knowledge with decades of technology experience and analytical thought processes to expose novel options and perspectives.


Serve as technology expert for business transformations, new channel development and existing solution enhancements.

Change Agent

Provide an external perspective regarding process and system changes, workflow adjustments and operational team structure.


Fill project gaps for executive, product development or senior architecture and business analyst functions.


Dig into system, process and data issues to identify root cause, formulate plans, propose corrective actions and support resolution.


Deliver an unbiased, objective opinion to leadership teams regarding technology deployments and strategic alternatives.


Bring new technology ideas, strategic thinking and potential revenue channel concepts to senior planning and leadership teams.

CIO / CTO Services

Business evolution can bring a number of surprising challenges and obstacles to the forefront of day-to-day operations.  Senior team members leave for other opportunities…market competition demands investment in new technology, service channels or feature sets in order to remain relevant…regulatory requirements force a sharp change in business direction…or the inevitable retirement of aging equipment and software systems.  These are a few of the situations where in-house teams can leverage the expertise of an external technology partner to overcome adversity.

We provide executive technology management services to fill short-term resource needs, provide a second opinion on business direction, help senior leadership visualize business development efforts, and inject specialized solutions development and strategic thinking into our client’s management teams.


Results Driven Leadership

Functional Business Unit Support

The team at Avemac Consulting has executive engineering experience working with cross functional teams so solve difficult problems, strategize new opportunities and improve operations for better margins and revenue opportunities.

We will help your business:

  • Reduce design and development mistakes
  • Stabilize processes and systems
  • Build better teams and departmental processes
  • Align business functions with technology
  • Use technology resources efficiently
  • Increase service channel innovation.

Service examples include:

  • Technology strategy for new product/service opportunities
  • Technology, Operations and Product Development guidance
  • New product/service feasibility assessments
  • Data analysis to identify efficiency, revenue and quality gains
  • Root cause identification and effective resolution planning
  • Technology and Operations risk identification and mitigation
  • Manage/mentor teams directly or indirectly on an interim basis
  • Define change management processes and procedures
  • Translate complex concepts for clear understanding across teams
  • Direct complex, cross functional project activities across multiple business lines, vendors and internal resources

TEchnology Team Augmentation

Technology executives are some of the busiest people in any organization.  They are also under continuous stress to maintain current technology trends, available services and best practices.  It can become very easy for a technology leader to fall behind or not have enough knowledge or experience on a given topic or discipline.

We help augment technology teams:

  • Offload research tasks and R&D prototyping efforts
  • Analyze new product/service opportunities for technology fit
  • Define policy and procedure for consistent department outputs
  • Design and lead significant software and infrastructure projects
  • Create structured change management policies and processes
  • Guide new technology transformations and company adoption.
  • Analyze technology alignment for inefficiencies and risks
  • Outline professional development for engineering staff
  • Scope level of effort and estimate project resource needs 
  • Plan future technology team sizing and financial run rate
  • Identify and implement needed corporate technology services
  • Translate new technology concepts and business opportunities to executives and non-technical teams
  • Identify issues and correct under-performing teams
  • Drive consistent devops, processes and agile development
  • Guide engineering staff development via hands-on mentoring 
  • Vendor, open source and partner evaluations and contract reviews

Business Alignment

Within any business, regardless of size, there are functional areas of responsibility like Finance, Operations, Product Development, Sales and Engineering. Each of these groups requires a different technological need to perform their duties as well as a shared involvement in common technologies that are used to fulfill a company’s product and service offerings.

Clearly defining technology needs, and more importantly ensuring all parties involved understand proposed solutions and capabilities to the same extent, requires foresight and knowledge of each functional areas’ needs and how each business unit processes information.

We work with executives and cross functional team leaders to improve functionally specific technologies, increase system and process reliability, and to align common technology deliverables and understanding across departments to produce higher quality results.


Efficiency Drives margin Improvements

Product Development

Executives are constantly faced with numerous internal, external and competitive objectives that require research, analysis and planning to properly implement an effective solution.  Time constraints, expertise and experience are not always readily available to tackle these initiatives and having the option to augment staff capabilities with a tenured analyst can have an immediate and lasting impact on project outcomes.

We have spent decades working with many technologies, models, and functional business units to develop our processes for quickly scoping project objectives, tolerances and internal support to help your team walk the product development life cycle from initial discovery, definition, development and delivery to ongoing maintenance process creation.  


Detail Oriented Planning and Alignment

Growth Objectives

Growth is great!  Especially rapid growth and market share. During these times, money flows, morale is high, staff/resources grow at rapid rates and important decisions are sometimes made with limited regard for long-term impacts.

Adopting new technologies during rapid expansion is very challenging.  Finding the right balance of speed-to-market versus strategic design and business continuity decisions directly impacts profitability; too many shortcuts will cause long-term operational issues and over-ramping resources…while too much planning will reduce short-term revenues and potentially lose market share overall.

Our approach targets that balance by designing solutions that work in the short-term while still operating within a long-term design pattern that is implemented over time as market conditions become more readily apparent and decision making is more easily aligned.


Tactical Transformations With A Strategic Focus

About Avemac Consulting

Founded in 2019, Avemac Consulting is a technology advisory and solutions development company. 

We partner with small and mid-market clients to deliver exceptional leadership and value across a broad range of business functions, including executive technology management, solutions architecture, software development, cloud services, operations and product development.

Our focus is on the financial benefits of improved operational efficiency, technology planning, complex ecosystem collaborations and disruptive products/services.

We specialize in executive IT management, advanced solutions development, service channel operations, supporting systems orchestration and augmenting existing platform solutions with IoT and Machine Learning enhancements.

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