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Technology use in business is a requirement to be successful. And while technology understanding within the workforce is improving year-over-year the rate of new technology advancements is at the very least keeping pace; ensuring an almost static adoption rate by users within both technical and non-technical teams, partners and customers.

Making the decision to introduce a new technology, product or service into an organization’s workflow requires a clear understanding of the impacts, benefits and long-term risks associated with the changes made to consumers, internal processes and resource requirements.

As technology consultants, we help business leaders determine how decisions will impact their operations.  We combine decades of functional business unit knowledge with decades of technology experience and analytical thought processes to expose novel options and perspectives.

Business and Technology Alignment

Within any business, regardless of size, there are functional areas of responsibility like Finance, Operations, Product Development, Sales and Engineering. Each of these groups requires a different technological need to perform their duties as well as a shared involvement in common technologies that are used to fulfill a company’s product and service offerings.

Clearly defining technology needs, and more importantly ensuring all parties involved understand proposed solutions and capabilities to the same extent, requires foresight and knowledge of each functional areas’ needs and how each business unit processes information.

We work with executives and disparate team leaders to implement functionally specific technologies and to align common technology deliverables and understanding across departments.


Businesses are continuously looking for ways to improve revenue streams while reducing overhead. Keeping specialized technology and product resources on staff can be expensive.  We provide adjunct technology support to business leaders that employ a “just in time” lean management approach, those looking for a second opinion to support their internal teams, those in need of interim leadership or those looking for specialized expertise.

  • Entrepreneurial technology coaching and strategy for new product/service opportunities.
  • Thought leadership regarding technology, product development and operational processes.
  • New product/service feasibility assessments and P&L forecasting, business model development.
  • Analysis of qualitative and quantitative data to identify efficiency, revenue and quality gains.
  • Root cause identification and effective, cross department, resolution planning and delivery.
  • Technology, product development and operational risk identification and mitigation strategies.
  • Effectively manage/mentor teams directly or indirectly on an interim basis.
  • Define and implement measurable change management processes and procedures.
  • Communicate complex concepts to promote clear and common understanding across teams.
  • Direct complex activities across multiple business lines, vendors and internal resources.

Keeping track of financial details across a myriad of sales channels, operational teams, facilities and suppliers is an ever changing and evolving endeavor.  We work with Finance departments that rely upon customized solutions to integrate accounting systems with operational processes and with businesses that require compliance controls to support financial auditing.

  • Finance department efficiency research, opportunity identification and implementation planning.
  • Support of technical compliance objectives (i.e. PCI, SOC 1/2, SOX).
  • Strategic infrastructure planning and financial impact analysis for CapEx/OpEx budgeting.
  • COGS/ERP integration improvements within accounting, billing, inventory and CRM systems.
  • Assist with taxation solution identification, negotiation and integration/migration planning.
  • Develop solutions to identify and manage upstream supplier product and service costs.
  • Guidance with regard to technical vendor negotiations, selection and management.
  • Mentoring for technology product/service development capitalization and R&D credit initiatives.
  • General technology consulting to understand internal/external proposals and published LOEs.
  • Legal contract reviews for technical soundness on deals with vendors, clients and partners.

For product and service operational teams, finding ways to improve efficiency and quality while reducing overhead and maintaining stable productivity is all in a day’s work.  Our operational expertise helps improve organizations that sell products and services through retail, commercial or wholesale channels, have physical or digital orders to fulfill, have NRR/MRR billing requirements or those that operate dedicated customer care facilities.

  • Research, plan and develop improvements to Customer Care services and efficiency.
  • Identify, coordinate and develop roadmaps for operational data collection and intelligence reporting.
  • Study, scope and define opportunities to automate operational processes and improve systems.
  • Guidance with regard to technical vendor negotiations, selection and management.
  • General technology consulting to understand internal/external proposals and published LOEs.
  • Assistance with facility planning for technology, security (PCI) and business continuity.
  • Support for CRM application feature/functionality and consumer management improvements.
  • Design and development of fulfillment and provisioning processes, workflow and systems.
  • Creation and implementation of inventory, warehouse and procurement systems and workflow.
  • Feasibility coordination between operations, finance, marketing and technology for new initiatives.

Product Development and Marketing teams have the challenging tasks of identifying, monetizing and ensuring the delivery of products and services that align with the capabilities and resources of the company.  We help Product and Marketing teams prevent scope creep and misunderstandings that sometimes occur between teams…ensuring alignment of expectations and feature/functionality prioritization.

  • Develop and translate technology feature/functionality into actionable marketing plans.
  • Assist marketing with brochure, print, website and messaging content.
  • Guide market understanding and product/service feature/functionality release prioritization.
  • Manage product development oversight, processes and end-to-end implementation planning.
  • Determine feasibility/effort associated with specific feature/functionality requests.
  • Education support for Sales resources, Sales engineering efforts and channel development.
  • Coordinate with technology, operations, and finance to establish common understanding and goals.
  • Design and planning for direct to consumer products and services using digital/print marketing.
  • Roadmaps and approach development for subscription-based services, consumer and/or B2B.
  • Design and direction for wholesale business models (managed services or PaaS).
  • Creation of “On behalf of” / white label products, services and supporting systems/processes.

Technology executives are some of the busiest people in any organization.  They are also under continuous stress to maintain current technology trends, available services and best practices.  It can become very easy for a technology leader to fall behind or not have enough knowledge or experience on a given topic or discipline.  We help augment technology teams by offloading research tasks, analyzing new opportunities, defining policy/procedures and leading significant projects or change efforts.

  • Scope, document and guide new technology transformations and company adoption.
  • Analyze technology and business alignment for inefficiencies and provide actionable solutions.
  • Outline professional development of leadership and engineering staff to build effective teams.
  • Estimate project resource needs as well as dedicated technology team sizing and financial run rate.
  • Identify, define solutions for, and implement new/missing corporate technology services.
  • Education of non-technical teams regarding new technology concepts and opportunities.
  • Create and/or refine technical team internal processes, policies and procedures.
  • Identify issues and correct under-performing teams to align with business goals.
  • Help shape consistent devops concepts, processes, continuous integration and agile development.
  • Guide engineering staff development via hands-on direction and interactions.

Planning, Research and Analysis

Executives are constantly faced with numerous internal, external and competitive objectives that require research, analysis and planning to properly implement.  Time constraints, expertise and experience are not always readily available to tackle these initiatives and having the option to augment staff capabilities with a tenured analyst can have an immediate and lasting impact on project outcomes.

We have spent decades working with many technologies, models, and functional business units to develop an innate ability for quickly determining objectives, scope, tolerance and internal support.  Projects we support vary from targeted, new technology objectives, large platform migrations, product/service enhancements, internal assessments, process and data analysis, efficiency improvements, feasibility studies, technology finances and vendor management.


Most organizations that sell products/services through electronic means have some financial audit requirements when it comes to collecting payments via credit card or electronic methods.  PCI compliance is a typical overhead that must be maintained to securely process credit card transactions and meet payment card industry standards to reduce the risk of data breach.

It is also good practice to consider meeting SOC or ISO compliance objectives to instill consumer and client confidence in an organization’s products and services.  And for certain industries, compliance with CPNI and HIPAA requirements are ongoing initiatives that drain resources from day-to-day operations.

  • Detailed financial, facility and technology assessments for PCI compliance.
  • Technical review, evaluation and implementation planning for SOC 1/2 audits.
  • Experienced planning and enhancement delivery for SOX compliance.
  • Development of CPNI/HIPAA process/procedures and technology standards adherence.
  • Evaluation of internal process/procedure for compliance and missing standards.

Creating new or enhancing products and services takes time, resources and expertise.  Oftentimes the research and development phase can require expertise that is not available to an organization due to other commitments or not having the skill set in-house.

For technology based products and services, we offer research and evaluation services to address feasibility and ROI concerns regarding level of effort, resource expectations, investment return and time schedules.

  • Evaluate technologies for efficiency gains, revenue opportunities and continuity improvements.
  • Research underutilized systems, intellectual property and internal capabilities for new opportunities.
  • Investigate competitive capabilities and industry trends to recommend product/service direction.
  • Plan and budget management for lean technology and operational teams.
  • Assist with technology, workflow and process impacts related to expansion/growth initiatives.

There are many aspects to Marketing and Product Development that rely heavily upon technology planning, research, alignment and implementation.  One of the more difficult aspects of product development is the alignment of functional business units with desired product/service features and functionality.

We assist Marketing and Product Development teams by researching what is possible, providing prototypes to base future specifications upon, detailing financial models and translating desired enhancements into actionable development plans for Engineering, Finance and Operations.

  • Management and hands-on creation of R&D prototypes and proof-of-concepts.
  • Prepare specific analysis of proposed product/service competition and market size.
  • Assist new product/service discovery via industry trend, internal capability and vendor research.
  • Provide detailed analysis of gains/losses possible given a product/service feature set.
  • Develop P&L / business plan documentation for business unit and departmental alignment/vetting.
  • Support product development planning, MVP development and feature/functionality prioritization.

Engineering teams have their own operational processes to maintain as well as continuously looking for ways to improve business efficiency, security and continuity.  The engineering team is also heavily relied upon when dealing with complex system migrations or legacy upgrades.

We support technology teams through research and feasibility planning for any topic related to product or service development, infrastructure, internal processes, continuity or efficiency improvements.

Some examples include:

  • Analyze existing processes/systems for automation, quality and efficiency improvements.
  • Evaluate and propose solutions for operational systems and infrastructure risk exposure.
  • Strategic planning for disaster recovery and business continuity initiatives.
  • General investigation and recommendations for security implementations and practices.
  • Detailed analysis and planning required for operational platform and systems migrations.
  • Proposals for migrating legacy infrastructure/systems to cloud solutions.

Growth Objectives

Growth is great!  Especially rapid growth and market share. During these times, money flows, morale is high, staff/resources grow at rapid rates and important decisions are sometimes made with limited regard for long-term impacts.

Adopting new technologies during rapid expansion is very challenging.  Finding the right balance of speed-to-market versus strategic design and business continuity decisions directly impacts profitability; too many shortcuts will cause long-term operational issues and over-ramping resources…while too much planning will reduce short-term revenues and potentially lose market share overall.

Our approach targets that balance by designing solutions that work in the short-term while still operating within a long-term design pattern that is implemented over time as market conditions become more readily apparent and decision making is more easily aligned.


When organizations grow rapidly, Finance is constantly bombarded with new requests to acquire capacity, technology, resources and staff to support the operational need.  Making sense of all of the requests and deciding which requests are valid and which should be vetted further is both time consuming and generally outside of the Finance department’s expertise.

With regard to technology, we help Finance departments understand and develop dependable strategies for infrastructure, systems, software development and staff needs that reduce unnecessary spending and help organizations improve long-term designs.

Support examples include:

  • Development of technology strategy, resource impacts and expected rollout planning.
  • Provide short-term and long-term capital/expense roadmaps and strategic alignment.
  • Identify potential R&D credit opportunities for new product/service development.
  • Research software capitalization opportunities for internally developed systems.

When an organization decides it’s time to acquire new capabilities or expand their client portfolio, there is typically a need to integrate new operations or technologies into the company’s workflow.  This also holds true for partnerships, joint ventures and to some extent, major vendor relationships.

Evaluating systems and technologies for potential issues, budget inflation or operational impact is critical to ensuring a successful merger and for properly negotiating a deal’s terms, conditions and price. 

We support executives with merger and acquisition evaluations:

  • Technical analysis of Merger & Acquisition opportunities for risk, budget and impact.
  • Research, workflow planning and negotiations for Partnerships/Joint Ventures.
  • Detailed vendor evaluations, negotiations and implementation planning.

During a growth phase Operations can be increasingly stretched thin to meet sales demands.  Finding ways to improve productivity without introducing new issues, overhead and costs are key to successfully managing through these expansion periods.

We provide help to operational teams by identifying productivity improvements, assessing system modifications, researching infrastructure scaling initiatives and planning system migrations.

Examples include: 

  • Plan cost management initiatives for major system/process modifications.
  • Identify and design automated solutions for resource management.
  • Design internally developed or vendor system enhancements.
  • Support the stable rollout and enhancement of systems/infrastructure.
  • Strategize roadmaps for managed process and resource scaling.
  • Required efforts to define and direct complex system/infrastructure migrations.

Oftentimes when growth occurs new opportunities become apparent and within grasp given the additional cash flow and market demographics.  Organizations may wish to develop enhanced revenue streams during these times by creating new product and marketing teams with the intent to capitalize on these opportunities.

We help organizations with new product and service initiatives by providing technology, operations and product development expertise; with highlights as follows:

  • Research, plan and build new product/service initiatives.
  • Definition and delivery of end-to-end operational requirements.
  • Assist with technology related legal terms and conditions definition and contract creation.
  • Build P&L forecasts and business plans for executive review.
  • Research market landscape/trends and complete competitive analysis.
  • Support marketing inputs, lead generation and sales funnel development.

A new product or service won’t be nearly as effective if the Sales organization doesn’t understand how the product/service operates, how it should be sold or if Sales isn’t clear on how the product/service  aligns with the market.

We help Sales, Product Development and Marketing teams define client management workflows, sales content and engineering diagrams for presentations.

Some areas of support include:

  • Provide new product/service education and channel approach.
  • Support sales efforts and engineering support needs.
  • Assess new, custom opportunities and operational impact.
  • Investigate channel partners and reciprocal partnerships.
  • Develop processes and supporting systems for account management workflow.

Rapid growth can have a tremendous impact on all departments and specifically within the Engineering department the need to define consistent policies, processes and procedures is never more important.  Without consistent development, change and release management the opportunity for system issues, quality concerns and resource inefficiencies to derail growth gains becomes much more likely.

We help Engineering teams define dependable processes, maintain cross-functional alignment and plan for strategic success.

Support examples include:

  • Create and establish high performing, sustainable technology teams.
  • Establish an external, unbiased review of team capabilities.
  • Provide experience and knowledge not currently in-house.
  • Support rapid team growth or cost saving measures.
  • Lead multiple initiatives simultaneously (augmented management).
  • Develop 1-5 year strategic systems, infrastructure and workflow plans.

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Our industry experience includes B2B and retail mobile services, IoT device and network management systems, operational support systems, retail product sales, customer care, B2B managed services and usage/subscription billing platforms.

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