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Responses to frequently asked questions of Avemac consultants. 

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Avemac Consulting is a Midwest based consultancy, located in Iowa. We are made up of like minded technology and business executive managers. Avemac was founded in 2019 to provide expert business and technology consulting services.

We partner with clients to ensure your goals are met in the most cost-effective, practical manner possible and our team has decades of experience with solutions architecture, software development, cloud and hardware infrastructure, billing solutions, eCommerce, logistics and customer service.  

Hiring Avemac Consulting means gaining an innovative, technical and entrepreneurial leader to help solve your toughest business problems and growth objectives.

Developing solutions to support explosive revenue growth and size-doubling events is at the core of Avemac Consulting’s technology consulting service offerings.  We understand that needs change as businesses mature and our approach evolves to match your company’s current stage of development.

Our consultants are flexible and adapt to your requirements, industry and situation.  We leverage decades of experience with technology and business operations to customize an approach specific to your circumstances.  Best practices are important, but every client objective is different and competitive advantage doesn’t occur by following the herd, innovation is the key.

Sustainable profitability is our team’s main objective when designing solutions or leading change events.  Whether you hire Avemac Consulting to design an internal operational system, develop a new product, or evaluate a technology migration, our team is committed to providing strategic solutions you can count on to help positively grow your business.

There are various questions to be considered when choosing whether to operate in house or hire a 3rd party consultant. Can you create and maintain a solution alone? With less expense? Less time committed? Is the solution complexity beyond the current reach of your IT department? Would you need to onboard more employees to complete the project? These are some of the questions we will assess when meeting with your teams.

Acquiring the solution or partnering becomes realistic when the requirements are complex and critical to the products and services being offered. Avemac Consulting can help your organization think through these considerations and develop a strategy that works for your unique circumstances.

Transforming an existing infrastructure from a unique, esoteric legacy implementation into a modern, cloud managed solution can be a major undertaking spanning weeks, months, and even years.

Avemac Consulting specializes in assessing legacy implementations, devising a migration strategy and overseeing the steps required to support your capital and expense management initiatives. We are fully prepared to guide your transition the cloud.

Estimating an accurate expected return from business operations related to new products and services is always a challenging process. Oftentimes, not enough detail is included, forecasts are unrealistic, rollout schedules are too aggressive, and costs are not properly researched.

Avemac Consulting can help your company devise full, accurate ROI documents when planning new products and services that Operations can follow to measure rollout performance.

For Avemac Consulting, our advanced technology consulting services can vary widely when working with startups.  Wearing multiple hats is just part of a normal day and your team can make the difference between success and failure.  We focus on making the most efficient use of your precious resources by balancing immediate need with strategic long-term expectations.

Our team is available to analyze business plans for technology impacts, develop robust multistage technology roadmaps, assist with development and delivery oversight, create working proof of concepts, solutions architecture and building technology teams.

We will ensure your resources are well utilized, all established objectives are completed successfully and that our involvement helps your business ideas get from concept to revenue generating as quickly as possible.

The values Avemac Consulting provides for large, enterprise organizations are the same as the services and values provided to startups and small/mid-sized companies, only much bigger in scope, complexity and budget size.

Since enterprises typically have the means to support much heavier organizational structures, specialized departments and diverse teams, the Avemac consultant’s role within large organizations tends to become more focused on specific skills and experiences unique to the organization.

If your business needs focused advice regarding complex technology architectures, new product innovations or operational efficiencies, Avemac Consulting can help your company get to the next level of evolution.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence concepts and the supporting mathematical evidence have been around for quite a while, but until the past ten years or so the application of these concepts was limited to highly specialized statisticians and large enterprises with extravagant resources.  

Today, there are multiple open source “standards”, cloud provider solutions and new commercial technology providers coming online every month that bring the benefits of machine learning technologies to the general business community.

Avemac Consulting provides machine learning consulting services that can help your organization identify actionable process points for machine learning integration, the data required to train the networks, and how to manage the long-term upkeep of each solution. 

Avemac consultants have extensive knowledge of software development, infrastructure architecture, complex systems planning, and vendor management combined with expertise in business finance and product strategy.

It is rare these days to design and develop and entire platform or ecosystem internally.  Most implementations are a mix of internal, open source and commercial products integrated together to produce a much larger, complex solution.  Knowing when to build, buy or acquire is an art unto itself.  These traits uniquely positions your consultant to determine the most effective and profitable solutions.

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