Fulfillment and Provisioning

Once a product or service has been ordered, it now needs to be fulfilled.  Depending upon the complexity of the product, this may be a very involved process with many moving parts.

For information and technology based products and services there is typically a provisioning step.  And for physical products, a “pick pack and ship” process that requires many workflow states and system updates to properly manage.

Helping organizations design efficient operational workflows, automations and systems integrations is a core specialty for Avemac Consulting.  Our team has decades of expertise creating solutions combining in-house developed products, open source systems, and commercial applications.

Our focus areas include:

  • Order Management

  • Billing Integration

  • Product Fulfillment

  • Product/Service Provisioning

  • Shipping

  • Reverse Logistics / Warranty / Returns

  • Inventory Management

  • Accounting Integrations