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Avemac Consulting provides strategic technology consulting, leadership and innovation to small business and mid-sized organizations entering into a new growth phase, facing operational challenges, or needing a critical roadmap for future initiatives.  As with our business management consulting approach, our IT consulting practice leverages over three decades of comprehensive expertise and industry experience to help our clients grow revenues, find additional margin, build efficient operations and provide their customers with quality products and services.

Our approach is simple. 

  • We listen to your needs. 
  • We study your environment. 
  • We research and define options. 
  • We propose solutions. 
  • We help implement.

Our expertise is comprehensive.

  • Many industry verticals.
  • Business alignment.
  • Solutions architecture.
  • Technology innovation.
  • Product development.

Our results grow business. 

  • Innovative features. 
  • Scalable solutions. 
  • Efficient processes. 
  • Reliable service delivery.
  • Future proof designs.

Strategic Technology Consultants

Developing solutions to support explosive revenue growth and size-doubling events is at the core of Avemac Consulting’s technology consulting service offerings.  We are IT strategic consultants and understand that needs change as businesses mature and our approach evolves to match your company’s current stage of development.

Our consultants are flexible and adapt to your requirements, industry and situation.  We leverage decades of experience with advanced technology consulting and business operations to customize an approach specific to your circumstances.  Best practices are important, but every client objective is different and competitive advantage doesn’t occur by following the herd, innovation is the key.

Sustainable profitability is our team’s main objective when designing solutions or leading change events.  Whether you hire Avemac Consulting to design an internal operational system, develop a new product, or evaluate a technology migration, our team of strategic technology consultants is committed to providing strategic solutions you can count on to help positively grow your business.

Not Finding What You're Looking For?

We are a boutique consultancy and adapt to our client's requirements.  If you don't see the service you're in need of, give us a call and let's discuss what you have in mind.

Advanced Technology Consulting Services

Finding an independent consultant that thinks both strategically and tactically while taking the time to learn your specific business needs is rare.  Few consulting firms have the know-how to cost effectively deliver both perspectives.  We pride ourselves on our “business first” approach and our ability to clearly see how technology can drive business revenues and improve margins.

Avemac Consulting offers advanced technology consulting, executive IT consulting and many services related to improving operations, solutions architecture and business innovation.  Our team of strategic technology consultants has a deep understanding of process and efficient operations through many advanced system development initiatives at startups, mid-sized companies and large Fortune 100 organizations.  

We have the IT strategic consulting expertise your business needs to succeed in today’s highly technical markets.

Targeted Service Types

While we are available to help with most IT related processes and improvements, we do focus our efforts specifically around information and technology based product and service delivery.  Clients that need operational support assistance with commerce, order management, fulfillment, provisioning, billing and customer service will find Avemac’s IT consulting team has a considerable amount of experience and expertise with all of the backoffice systems and processes needed to efficiently operate these business functions.  

We are also well-versed in business patterns related to network operations services, software and platform as a service solution designs, usage based services, commerce solutions and B2B/wholesale business models.

  • Administrative Systems
  • B2B Technology
  • Billing Services
  • Consumer Retail
  • Consumer Services
  • Fulfillment
  • Information Services
  • Inventory
  • Logistics
  • Network Operations
  • OSS / BSS
  • Provisioning
  • SaaS / PaaS
  • Usage Based Services
  • Wholesale
  • Administrative Systems
  • B2B Technology
  • Billing Services
  • Consumer Retail
  • Consumer Services
  • Fulfillment
  • Information Services
  • Inventory
  • Logistics
  • Network Operations
  • OSS / BSS
  • Provisioning
  • SaaS / PaaS
  • Usage Based Services
  • Wholesale
  • Administrative Systems
  • B2B Technology
  • Billing Services
  • Consumer Retail
  • Consumer Services
  • Fulfillment
  • Information Services
  • Inventory
  • Logistics
  • Network Operations
  • OSS / BSS
  • Provisioning
  • SaaS / PaaS
  • Usage Based Services
  • Wholesale

Service Breakouts and Details

IT Strategic | Advanced Technology Consulting | Independent Consultant

Strategic assessments of technology and operational risk help companies identify problem areas that impact business efficiency, growth and stability.  

Assessing technology adoption and operational risk on a regular basis supports a healthy, resilient business and controlled mitigation strategy.

In addition to calling out potential hotspots, these efforts help ensure preparedness in the event of an unforeseen business impact and assist with uncovering inefficient and costly technologies.

Our team of strategic technology consultants can help identify technology, operations and product/services risks and inefficiencies that may impact your organization.

We can assist with the development of a operational risk assessment log and categorize each risk according to exposure and business function.

Our team will then identify mitigation steps to manage or eliminate the impacts.

The following list contains typical functions we perform.

  • Cloud migration opportunities (AWS, Azure, GCS).

  • Compliance reviews (i.e. PCI, CPNI, SSAE).

  • DevOps and quality assurance.

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity.

  • General technology use and implementation.

  • Infrastructure improvements and technology refresh.

  • Internal IP (“Intellectual Property”) potential.

  • Operational efficiency and risk analysis.

  • Product and service assessments.

  • Software development procedures.

  • Staff and process automation opportunities.

  • Systems and information security practices.

  • Technical team effectiveness and capabilities.

  • Technology budgets and planning.

  • Vendor reviews for fit and function.

Organizations that set themselves apart based upon their use of technology (whether internal or external) must know when to build solutions versus buy, partner or acquire.  Each approach requires careful consideration and insight.

To build, does your organization have the skill? Can you create and maintain the solution cheaper and with less time? Is this a strategic part of your business best kept in-house?  These are some of the questions we will assess when working with your teams.

Buying may be the correct option if the criteria for building are not feasible.  If the need is not a core value add, but client perception is important, then buying a known industry standard makes sense.

Acquiring the solution or partnering becomes realistic when the requirements are complex and critical to the products and services being offered.  Especially when neither entity can provide the full solution on their own.

Avemac Consulting can help your organization think through these considerations and develop a strategy that works for your unique circumstances.

Business alignment processes can range from a macro-level approach going all the way back to an assessment of your organization’s mission and value statements, to a more tactical review of the interactions between departments struggling with quality or efficiency issues.

Often, organizations at the beginning of ramping up operations experience scaling issues due to manual processes and faulty systems.

Avemac Consulting’s team of independent consultants is highly experienced with operational automation and efficiency improvements.  If you’re growing rapidly or are having difficulty resolving quality concerns or timely service delivery we can help.

Investments in IT can have a dramatic impact on business returns and not just in the traditional sense.

The typical investment return for IT related technologies (i.e. collaboration, communication, financial, HR and workflow) has been well studied and with careful review and selection will improve productivity and provide a practical return.

Besides these technologies, capital investments in physical infrastructure or expense for monthly cloud services require planning and proper forecasting to net the most return.  Not to mention the accounting advantages or disadvantages to capex or opex investments.

Hiring technology resources can also provide business returns in the way of product and service advancements, operational efficiency improvements and sales support.

Avemac Consulting has experience with administrative technology improvements, operational support systems, and product/service enhancements.  We take a holistic approach to technology when determining the best path and ROI.

Transforming an existing infrastructure from a unique, esoteric legacy implementation into a modern, cloud managed solution can be a major undertaking spanning weeks, months, and even years.

Avemac Consulting specializes in assessing legacy implementations, devising a migration strategy and overseeing the steps required to support your capital and expense management initiatives.

We provide the following services.


  • Analysis of your existing infrastructure and development of refresh planning.

  • Feasibility of migrating existing solutions to a cloud architected solution.

  • Assessment of available cloud service providers and best fit.

  • Identification of tools necessary to migrate legacy systems.

  • Evaluations of externally provided systems, components and appliances.

  • Practical review of cloud services -vs- 3rd party -vs- open source providers.


  • Architecture solutions for physical server / network and security implementations.

  • Design of high-performance service clusters.

  • Solutions design for operational systems, portals and platforms.

  • Creation of detailed migration and deployment plans.

  • Strategy for future proofing and scalability of new solutions.

  • Development of technical NOC and service monitoring.


  • Proof of concept definition and ROI assessments.

  • Review and selection of 3rd party provider systems.

  • Project plan development for complex migration requirements.

  • Oversight of technology refresh efforts and migrations.

  • Definition of backups / continuity planning approach.

  • Development of governance policy and procedure.

Technology implementations for products and services can have a significant impact to an organization from a legal perspective.

Identifying technical limitations and callouts within client contracts can be critical; especially in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong.

On the flip side, determining vendor terms and conditions that are detrimental to your operations can also be disastrous.

Avemac Consulting can help your company review your products and services and develop comprehensive client contracts that eliminate some of the gray areas around product and service fulfillment.  We also help review vendor contracts for technical conditions that may not support your organization’s best interests.

A Proof of Concept initiative can take many different paths, but regardless of the approach, the efforts to prove the feasibility of a new concept or enhancement before investing heavily in development is a good approach to follow for any objective of significant size.

From our experience, a POC can take the form of a logic-based research paper heavily backed by market research, technical feasibility reviews and required skill assessments. 

A POC may also involve the rapid development of an application or the integration of several systems to create a general simulacrum to reach buy-in from decision makers.

And, there is also the option of using a close commercial approximation (following the 80/20 rule) to gauge market response.

Regardless of the method, Avemac Consulting excels at research and solutions architecture for proof of concepts and new ideas.  Our product development and engineering expertise can help your organization reach a decision faster and cheaper.

Your technology budget is a significant portion of your available resources and you need to ensure it is being spent in the most efficient manner possible.

It becomes even more difficult if your solutions rely upon recurring capital investments in physical infrastructure and software.  Future proofing and scalable designs are critical.

Avemac Consulting can assess your organization’s technology needs and current state, then develop a plan for a given term and realistic forecast that addresses sizing, monthly spend, and growth expansion.

If your organization creates software internally, we can help assess the efficiency of your development team and suggest methods to better align software engineering with a product development MVP (minimum viable product) approach.

New products, services and cost efficiency projects may very well leverage the external resources of a service provider or product vendor. 

Some would even say unless the objective is part of the core business it should be outsourced. 

This means someone will need to evaluate providers for potential fit and the functionality necessary to achieve targeted goals. 

Finding the right vendor can be time consuming and determining a clear “apples-to-apples” comparison is tricky; not to mention navigating unique contract requirements and securing the best deal. 

Avemac Consulting has extensive skills working with vendors and service providers to get at the heart of capabilities quickly and drive rates so both parties win and long-term relationships can be positively maintained.

IT Strategic | Advanced Technology Consulting | Strategic Technology Consultants | Independent Consultant

If your organization provides recurring services then billing is an important part of your operations. 

Ensuring your customers are billed in a timely and accurate manner impacts cashflow and customer experience.  It is imperative that your billing solution is efficient.

In companies that are growing it is not uncommon for an existing manual process or billing solution to fall short when a certain customer threshold or service level is reached.

Or in the event your company adds new products or services of a type not supported by your billing solution, you need an effective way to move your operations to a new platform.

Avemac Consulting has experience with large billing platforms of 500K+ customers in both non-recurring and recurring billing scenarios.

We can assist with planning and migration from existing systems to new platforms. 

Our team has expertise with integration and custom development between billing systems and order management, fulfillment, provisioning, shipping, accounting and inventory management systems.

We have also designed from scratch, developed and implemented billing systems for usage based products and services that require realtime mediation, rating and metering solutions.

These days there are hundreds of ecommerce solutions available to represent any size organization with a range of features, functionality and intended purposes as deep as they are vast.

There are also alternatives to ecommerce still in use today that are highly effective for certain demographics.

Identifying and implementing a commerce solution requires strategic thought regarding the target market, cost, complexity and maintainability of the intended solution.

Avemac Consulting can help guide your team through the analysis and decision making processes to determine the best solution for your organization. 

Whether the solution is an online provider, open source platform, content management system, or a custom developed website, we have the expertise to implement and integrate a commerce solution with any number of service providers to create a fully functional ecosystem.

Order, service and customer management for information and technology based products and services are complex.

Depending upon the sophistication of operations, customer service departments must develop manual processes to address customer requests and are oftentimes required to make individual changes to multiple systems in order to complete a single request.

Processes such as these are prone to mistakes, require a high level of training, and do not scale well once an organization grows beyond a manageable size.

To compound these concerns, customer service is often employed to perform sales as well as relationship management; increasing the risk of mistakes during the ordering process.

Isolating change requests to a CRM solution for customer service improves quality, completion times, and customer satisfaction.

Avemac Consulting has designed and developed in-house CRM solutions supporting thousands of users as well as leveraging open source and commercial applications to solve complex implementations.

Our team has experience creating self-service portals and IVR integrations to reduce customer service staff requirements.

We understand customer service staffing and the importance of handle times and efficient call management.

Our approach is exception based.  We architect solutions that automate the majority of functions so staff can focus on the exceptions.  This reduces overhead.

Areas we focus on:

  • Administrative sales portals.

  • Sales incentives.

  • Order management.

  • Product and service delivery.

  • Returns and issue management.

  • Payment and invoice handling.

  • Billing interfaces and change requests.

  • Provisioning modifications.

  • Shipping and logistics change requests.

  • Self service portals and IVR integrations.

  • Management controls, reporting and analytics.

  • Consistent interfaces and reduced training overhead.

Evaluating your operational ecosystem on a regular basis is a good way to catch serious issues before they become big problems.

In some instances, a cultural choice to rely heavily upon manual processes can create so much resource overhead that processes are grossly inefficient by as much as 1000%.  Knowing when to start automating will prevent having to play catch-up when sales grow.

Operational systems evolve over time and naturally become victims of overly complex logic, manual processes, non-standard services, failed enhancements and faulty implementations. These issues increase errors, drive down quality and hurt customer satisfaction.  An unbiased review will help identify these concerns.

And there are also times when new enhancements are needed, but the existing platform is not robust enough to support the requirements.  This is when a thorough review of operational systems is needed and a plan designed to move the business forward.

Our strategic technology consultants have worked in operations and technology for decades.  We understand efficiency, consistency and customer quality and how to leverage technology to achieve the best results.

Some of the assessment services we provide include:

  • Review of systems and processes to assess unnecessary overhead.

  • Collaboration with operations staff to determine efficiency improvements.

  • Identification of existing processes that could be automated to an exception based approach.

  • Ecosystem performance capabilities matched up with expected forecasts.

  • Review of staff versus systems capabilities.

  • Analysis of systems continuity resilience, planning and testing.

  • Identification of integrated versus swivel chair solutions.

  • Assessment of management reporting and intelligence data available to operations.

  • General system features, capabilities and processing performance.

  • Areas of functionality that could be better served with an enhanced solution.

Once a product or service has been ordered, it now needs to be fulfilled.  Depending upon the complexity of the product, this may be a very involved process with many moving parts.

For information and technology based products and services there is typically a provisioning step.  And for physical products, a “pick pack and ship” process that requires many workflow states and system updates to properly manage.

Helping organizations design efficient operational workflows, automations and systems integrations is a core specialty for Avemac Consulting.  Our team has decades of expertise creating solutions combining in-house developed products, open source systems, and commercial applications.

Our focus areas include:

  • Order Management

  • Billing Integration

  • Product Fulfillment

  • Product/Service Provisioning

  • Shipping

  • Reverse Logistics / Warranty / Returns

  • Inventory Management

  • Accounting Integrations

Manual processes can be a necessity for small businesses and even large companies with very efficient and simple workflows, but at some point manual steps become burdensome and will no longer scale efficiently.

This is when an assessment of processes should be made and recommendations identified to automate repetitive and resource intensive tasks.

As with all assessments, an evaluation of ROI is needed to ensure any modifications will provide the expected gains.

Avemac Consulting excels at process automation and identifying viable solutions that reduce staff overhead and complexity while improving quality.

Operations and business support systems are the backbone of all organizations and in a large number of ways should be considered the key to stable customer growth. 

Our independent consultant team has decades of experience improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction through service development and automation, development of administrative portals, complex workflow implementations and customer service CRM solutions.

Our OSS/BSS services include:


  • Identify open source or commercial solutions available to meet operational requirements and processes.

  • Evaluations of 3rd party vendor solutions.

  • Proof of concept development and assessments.

  • Time study reviews for efficiency opportunities.

  • Assessment of available operational reporting enhancements.

  • Analysis of existing metrics data collection methods and potential solutions.


  • Design solutions for internally developed systems, portals and platforms.

  • Orchestrate 3rd party integrations with internal systems and processes.

  • Identify optimal “Buy / Build” ratio given operational gaps, budget, skillset and timeline.

  • Document technical requirements necessary to build and deploy solutions.

  • Create initial project plans for PM departments.

  • Communicate initial training needs at all department levels.

  • Define and standardize APIs and consumer portals for efficient operations and maintenance.


  • Lead ROI analysis and provide detailed recommendations for improvements.

  • Oversight of improvements development and implementation.

  • Guide efforts related to systems integration and ecosystem development.

  • General implementation direction and support for PM department.

  • Insights regarding consumer / service user interface design for customer and administrative portals.

  • Assessment of operational and technical staff for required skills needed to operate OSS/BSS solutions.

Order management systems sit between the commerce platforms and the billing and fulfillment systems. In some cases these components are included as part of a larger solution, but regardless of the location, the order management function is a critical juncture between business systems.

Some organizations view order management as a portal service for ecommerce sites, customer service applications, client administrative services and partner systems to place orders in a standardized way via a consistent REST, SOAP or File based API.

The integration between order management and fulfillment must be tightly controlled when physical inventory and shipping services are involved.  State management becomes a real concern for systems integraters that must ensure all systems remain synchronized to ensure orders are placed accurately.

Avemac Consulting designs order management interfaces and solutions for organizations needing to bridge commerce and fulfillment systems.  Our team will assess your requirements and recommend a solution custom developed to your needs or implementable through one or more commercial systems.

When sales grow and margins shrink you know it’s time to take a hard look at operations.

Something isn’t scaling and your profits are being lost to unnecessary resource overhead; either as manual processes, error prone applications, or under performing systems.

Regardless of the cause, for your business to grow, margins must be retained.

Having an automation consultant review your environment, identify the problem areas, and recommend solutions to bring the overhead down is a solid response and one that generally pays for itself quickly.

Avemac Consulting hires automation specialists.  We help companies find costly financial leaks in operations and develop the plans necessary to resolve the problems.

Insight Avemac Consulting | Business Management and Technology Solutions
Product Development

Creating a new product or service is only part of the process. 

Defining how the product or service can be used by consumers is a legitimate challenge that requires careful consideration of each feature boundary to ensure your organization is indemnified against improper use.

Avemac Consulting provides technical support for defining B2B or direct-to-consumer contracts and will help safeguard against missing terms and conditions that may expose your company to unnecessary risk.

For businesses with heavy technology footprints, performing a competitive gap analysis can be costly and difficult to manage.

Finding the right resource with the skillset to understand competitor systems and frame a reasonable apples-to-apples comparison requires the right level of experience and expertise.

There are also times when having a third party perform an “interested client” call to your competitors, on your behalf, is advantageous.

Avemac Consulting provides detailed reviews of competitor systems capabilities, price, target market, features, customer service and unique value adds.  

We go beyond what a Gartner or Forrester report would provide and align your competitor’s capabilities directly against your own solutions to clearly show where you rank.

Once a product or service has been defined, market tested and the business is aligned in favor of the new product or service, it is time to develop the plans necessary to implement the vision.

Avemac Consulting has decades of software engineering, solutions architecture, infrastructure design, network creation, and data modeling experience building custom solutions and integrating large platform ecosystems.

We have worked with hundreds of open source applications, commercial solutions and partner system integrations to successfully support product and service development across many industries.

Our designs have supported tens of thousands of internal users and millions of external consumers.

We can help your team develop an implementation strategy that works the first time.

Determining what features to place in a new product or service is a blend of market need, timing, resource skills and systems capabilities.

Oftentimes there is a struggle between what Marketing would like to prioritize versus what the Technology team or Operations can deliver.

Generally a product development manager would coordinate these efforts and ensure all teams are on the same page.  In the absence of a reliable product manager, an external consultant can fill the gap.

Avemac Consulting is available to help your teams determine the best and most efficient order of feature releases and how to control the change management processes.

Developing a new product or service isn’t always a clear, well defined process.  Some organizations choose to implement a phased approach to adequately assess what their target demographic wants and how those requirements match up with business objectives.

Deciding how to balance the inclusion of core functionalities with development cost, timeframes and market distribution requires careful consideration and an iterative approach.

Avemac Consulting can help devise strategies for product development and a phased delivery of MVP products and services.

Projecting how a new product or service will perform is a necessary step for a controlled market release with measurable results.

Creating a detailed profit and loss schedule before launching a new business venture provides a financial roadmap for decisions that will impact all aspects of the business. 

A robust P&L model also helps maintain confidence with executive leadership and board directors by portraying an accurate vision for capital expenditures and the expected return on the investment.

Avemac Consulting can assist your team with the creation of P&L models to support your new business initiatives.  We work with all business units to uncover internal costs and analyze competitors and markets to accurately forecast pricing and offer revenues.

Estimating an accurate expected return from business operations related to new products and services is always a challenging process.

Oftentimes, not enough detail is included, forecasts are unrealistic, rollout schedules are too aggressive, and costs are not properly researched.

Knowing how to quickly find the information needed to formulate an accurate ROI aids the decision making process and provides a roadmap for accountable measurement during post launch assessments.

Avemac Consulting can help your company devise accurate ROI documents when planning new products and services that Operations can follow to measure rollout performance.

Strategic Technology Consultants | IT Consulting | IT Strategic

For internal process improvements, existing product and service enhancements, and new product and service development, the gap between what your technology team can produce and what operations and product development want are often widely divergent.

Unfortunately, technology teams are good at what they do, technology initiatives.  There is little understanding of the pain points that operations and product development must endure that IT could help resolve if they understood how.

This mindset and lack of business expertise creates a vacuum between IT and business operations. Some organizations fill this gap with business analysts to help translate requirements, but ideally, having a culture where IT is fully vested and involved in the success of the operations and product development teams will greatly improve project accuracy, delivery timeframes, and reduced resource overhead.

Our strategic technology consultants have extensive experience transforming internally focused IT teams into team players with a “business first” mentality. We work with IT to explain where the real value of IT comes from and how aligning IT focus on business objectives advances the entire organization.

If your organization is struggling with how to control changes in your production environment, how to obtain user acceptance, or how to audit your technology processes for compliance purposes, Avemac Consulting can help your organization gain control of your processes.

We have developed and implemented enterprise-wide change management procedures for businesses of all sizes.  Processes that engage all relevant business units and ensure proper communication and collaboration between all parties before any modifications to production are made.

For organizations that are required to follow change audit procedures for financial reasons (i.e. PCI, SOX, HIPAA, SOC 2, etc.) we have experience with policy and procedure definition to meet audit standards.

General Solutions Architecture

Avemac consultants are available to provide general solutions architecture for business operations that can span the entire enterprise.

We have extensive experience creating solutions for start-ups, small and mid-sized organizations and large Fortune 100 enterprises. 

If your organization is in need of assistance architecting new or improving existing systems or infrastructures, Avemac Consulting can help develop the roadmaps and planning necessary to ensure your objectives are met. 

SaaS / PaaS

Planning to provide services to your customers via API?  We have detailed knowledge and organizational experience with designing and implementing service architectures, user portals, administrative portal, and backoffice workflow management systems. (i.e. SaaS and PaaS).

Our consultants have been designing complex software solutions for decades that have supported thousands of users and millions of daily transactions.

Infrastructure Architecture

If your company is in need of data center solutions, infrastructure design (i.e. servers, storage, databases, networks, firewalls, etc.), or cloud solutions, Avemac Consulting has extensive experience building data centers, server farms (physical and virtual), storage area networks, globally redundant, diverse and dynamically routed networks, redundant firewalls, databases and NOC services.

Systems Integration

Part of complex platform design or ecosystem solutions, systems integration is a necessary component of every company’s toolbox in today’s technology landscape.  Avemac has consultants that have been integrating systems and solutions for thirty years and can provide your team with the insights and workflows to build highly efficient business processes and services.

Change happens.

Resources leave for new opportunities, markets evolve, technologies transform, and industries adapt to economic factors both local and global.

Bringing in a tenured technology expert to level set technology utilization for your company or to mentor a team on new approaches can jumpstart your organization’s culture and improve innovation.

And for those times when you just need an interim lead to guide the team while the search for a replacement is completed, we can help fill these gaps.

Avemac Consulting provides information technology advice, guidance, interim leadership and team management expertise on an ad hoc basis.

Creating project specifications and documentation to clearly define requirements and align business teams is a difficult and time consuming process.

Once complete, there are always situations where the requirements are not understood by team members and questions arise.  This is the point when project quality can be impacted.  If the team doesn’t have the requisite expertise there is a good chance the strongest personality on the team will provide guidance that may or may not be correct.

Consultants at Avemac Consulting have led projects of all sizes and criticality.  Our team can provide specifications oversight to ensure accurate requirements and team coverage.  We also consult on complex projects so project management has the necessary business and technical support to keep projects moving forward accurately.

For organizations that lack the experience to build or grow a technology, operations or product development team, Avemac Consulting can define and lead the efforts needed to build a new department or make structural changes to process and procedures.

Our focus is on business alignment, scalable processes, continuous improvement, controlled change management, business continuity, support and quality assurance.

We are also available to assist with resource onboarding and selection.

IT departments can be responsible for many aspects of an organization.  Typically, these responsibilities fall into several broad categories, including: software development, systems integration, administrative business systems, infrastructure (compute, network, data), security, and NOC duties.

Avemac Consulting has extensive skills in all aspects of IT and technical operations.

Give us a call to discuss in more detail.

Business and IT Alignment

Generally the concept of business and information technology alignment is defined as the efficient cross-functional processes between business functions and technology teams for the development and delivery of high impact products and services.  And while these alignments are critical to optimizing financial margins and improving service quality, there are other aspects to be considered.

IT Strategic Consulting

What about strategy?  Oftentimes, technologists are narrowly focused on tactical objectives and lose sight of the big picture.  A strategic IT consulting resource must remain aware of future impacts caused by decisions made today and design solutions to minimize costs and overhead while balancing short-term needs.

Custom Solutions Architecture

Facilitating the ideal arrangement of processes, people and systems is rarely accomplished from implementing one vendor’s systems or developing a single in-house application.  The ideal solution is almost always comprised of an ecosystem of functionality from multiple external providers with some measure of internally managed development or integration.

Business Solutions Engineering

Time management and automation are key components of business process engineering that your technology resources should be focused on and actively participating with improvements.  Technical IT consulting resources are generally well suited to identify ways to remove unnecessary steps in a process.  Having a technology partner in place that understands how to identify wasted time in processes and how automation can be injected in a cost effective manner is a considerable alignment benefit.

Technical Product Development

Your technology partner must know your intended products and services as well as you do.  This alignment and tight integration between product development and technology ensures that advertising matches the actual capabilities and delivery schedules.  Plus, your technology resources are some of the best sources of new ideas and inspiration for unique ways technology can be leveraged.

IT Management Consulting

The internal efficiency of the IT department also has impacts on business alignment.  If your IT team is struggling with quality and the timely delivery of new enhancements or upgrades, the business side will see these shortcomings as a breakdown of IT’s reliability within the organization.  An experienced IT consulting executive can define solid practices that correct these issues.

Our Experience Stands Out

Avemac Consulting’s team of strategic technology consultants has experience with many industries, implementations and business structures.  We quickly learn new environments and market idiosyncrasies to apply our alignment skills and improve our client’s business objectives.  Our broad exposure to these varied processes allows our team to draw upon valuable insights when delivering innovative solutions for your organization that will result in more efficient operations and quality improvements.



Cellular Networks

Fleet Management



Asset Tracking

Customer Service


Internet of Things




Health Services




Financial Services




Startup Company Services

For Avemac Consulting, our advanced technology consulting services can vary widely when working with startups.  Wearing multiple hats is just part of a normal day and your team can make the difference between success and failure.  We focus on making the most efficient use of your precious resources by balancing immediate need with strategic long-term expectations.

Our team of independent consultants is available to analyze business plans for technology impacts, develop robust multistage technology roadmaps, assist with development and delivery oversight, create working proof of concepts, solutions architecture and building technology teams.

We will ensure your resources are well utilized, all established objectives are completed successfully and that our involvement helps your business ideas get from concept to revenue generating as quickly as possible.

  • Develop an overarching technology strategy and roadmap aligned with all functional business units.
  • Structure teams and resources for business growth and innovation in accordance with company goals and objectives.
  • Mentor and grow company talent.  Specifically technology, operations and product development teams.
  • Partner with marketing to establish public communications, social media and brand messaging.
  • Provide financial and legal insights and impacts from business and technology decisions.
  • Determine product and service feasibility, financial impact, competitive landscape analysis and industry trend insights.
  • Design and develop proof of concepts and forecasted P&L for investor presentations.
  • Define and/or manage the development of minimum viable products for market release.
  • Assess risks, operational efficiency, budgets, business plans and technology utilization within their company.
  • Identify potential intellectual property claims.
  • Assist with client sales and sales engineering efforts.
  • Architect solutions from company goals and concepts aligned with speed to market, financial resources, growth expectations and team talent.
  • Determine the right path to take when faced with technology obstacles or product development indecision.
  • Fill short-term talent gaps for technology, product development or operational teams.
  • Manage projects or teams on a part-time or interim basis.
  • Keep projects on budget and on schedule by leading or supporting project managers through complex implementations.
  • Research and identify, or by introduction, key vendors needed to fulfill specific product or service functions.
  • Identify and implement specialized functional services like machine learning, operational support systems, billing and ecommerce.
  • Hit milestones by rolling up their sleeves and coding every once in a while…or building a Linux server…or modeling a database…or configuring a Kubernetes cluster…
  • Drive product feature/functionality and market strategy.

Small Business and Mid-Market Services

For established companies, growth, innovation, quality and efficiency are the key areas of focus for increased profitability.

Signing more deals.  Improving client alignment.  Adding new products, services and features.  Additional sales channels.  Better messaging.  Better branding.  Cost containment.  And continuously improving quality and customer value to keep product sales up and churn down.  All of these functions are critical to steady and continued business growth and stability.

Our team of independent consultants is committed to helping your organization achieve these goals through efficient and innovative technology deployments.

We Help Your Business Evolve

Fortunately, small and mid-sized companies generally have structure and culture in place to maintain existing product and service operations.  Unfortunately, these teams are oftentimes hired and assembled to fulfill specific purposes related to keeping day-to-day operations up and running.  Growth and cost containment initiatives are sometimes an afterthought.  Avemac Consulting augments your key deliverables by providing expertise focused on the successful evolution of your business.  Our advanced technology consulting team can help your organization assess current state and recommend solutions focused on revenue growth, quality improvements and long-term cost savings.  

Regardless of the need, we will adapt to your environment and move your business initiatives forward to your expectations.

  • Transform technology strategy and planning to account for new business, aging infrastructure and competitive advantage.
  • Assess existing teams and processes for efficiency and quality improvements.
  • Identify administrative and operational automation opportunities to reduce overhead costs and delays.
  • Develop risk assessments, mitigation steps, compliance audit preparation, and business continuity plans.
  • Grow internal expertise, consistency and repeatable processes for new product and service operations.
  • Continuously improve brands through key feature / functionality additions and marketing strategy.
  • Identify new products and services that can be mostly or partially derived from existing systems, teams and processes.
  • Determine product and service feasibility, financial impact, competitive landscape analysis and industry trend insights for existing and new products and services.
  • Visualize and propose operational and technological opportunities to overcome growth constraints and inefficiencies.
  • Define and model P&L for development of minimum viable products to support new lines of business.
  • Plan and direct efforts for researching and developing new product and services concepts and business improvements.
  • Architect technical solutions and operational processes to support business growth, quality and efficiency improvements.
  • Help clients understand the benefits and detriments of technology architecture approaches, product / service feature selection and operational workflow decisions.
  • Work as short-term or interim technology, product development or operational talent.
  • Cover management gaps on a part-time or interim basis.
  • Keep projects on budget and on schedule by leading or supporting project managers through complex implementations.
  • Research, identify, or introduce key vendors needed to fulfill complex ecosystems services and operational functions.
  • Assist with complex software engineering concepts, processing pipelines, parallel processing and clustered services…to name a few.
  • Define and lead migrations for public, private and hybrid cloud implementations.
  • Perform compliance audit preparation and support mitigation of audit findings.  Specifically PCI, SSAE16, HIPAA and CPNI.
  • Drive product feature/functionality and market strategy.
  • Implement advanced technology teams and processes.
  • Document and establish formal, cross-functional change management procedures.