Legacy System Migration

Transforming an existing infrastructure from a unique, esoteric legacy implementation into a modern, cloud managed solution can be a major undertaking spanning weeks, months, and even years.

Avemac Consulting specializes in assessing legacy implementations, devising a migration strategy and overseeing the steps required to support your capital and expense management initiatives.

We provide the following services.


  • Analysis of your existing infrastructure and development of refresh planning.

  • Feasibility of migrating existing solutions to a cloud architected solution.

  • Assessment of available cloud service providers and best fit.

  • Identification of tools necessary to migrate legacy systems.

  • Evaluations of externally provided systems, components and appliances.

  • Practical review of cloud services -vs- 3rd party -vs- open source providers.


  • Architecture solutions for physical server / network and security implementations.

  • Design of high-performance service clusters.

  • Solutions design for operational systems, portals and platforms.

  • Creation of detailed migration and deployment plans.

  • Strategy for future proofing and scalability of new solutions.

  • Development of technical NOC and service monitoring.


  • Proof of concept definition and ROI assessments.

  • Review and selection of 3rd party provider systems.

  • Project plan development for complex migration requirements.

  • Oversight of technology refresh efforts and migrations.

  • Definition of backups / continuity planning approach.

  • Development of governance policy and procedure.