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Technology Planning – Solutions Development – Software Engineering

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Data Science - Business Analytics - Engineering

Data Analysis

Decades of commercial data management experience helping clients understand how to use their data to solve business problems.

  • Business Understanding
  • Research and Prototyping
  • Exploratory Analysis
  • Regression Analysis
  • Topic Classification
  • Feature Extraction
  • Algorithm Development


Extensive knowledge of ETL pipelines, data manipulation, scaling, distribution and performance techniques for reliable data management.

  • Parallel Processing
  • Data Cleansing and Prep
  • Clustering Solutions
  • Commercial Providers
  • Open Source Systems
  • Pretrained Networks
  • Multi-GPU Engineering

Model Development

Modeling and deep learning for classification and regression initiatives using custom developed or commercial technologies.

  • Unsupervised / Supervised
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Pretrained Fine-tuning
  • RNN / CNN / Transformers
  • Custom Model Development
  • Gradient Boosting / Ensembles
  • PyTorch / Tensorflow


Integrating large machine learning ecosystems with with new and existing business applications, at scale and with disparate technologies.  

  • API Development
  • Continuous Model Training
  • Commercial Solutions
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Distributed Clusters
  • Real-time Feedback
  • 3rd Party Data Sources


Translating AI/ML results, business metrics and strategies for non-technical audiences, technical staff and executive level teams.   

  • Graphing Libraries
  • Solution Documentation
  • Roadmaps and Strategy
  • Monitoring and Alerts
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Commercial Providers
  • Open Source Systems
Technologies used by Avemac Consulting engineers for client artificial intelligence and machine learning implementations.

A Sea of Technologies

The technology world is vast and growing everyday…  

There are hundreds of options just within the Data Science domain alone.  With that many solutions to choose from to solve a given business problem, it is imperative the right designs are created and the proper technologies identified, scoped and well understood early in the development process. 

Avemac Consulting is dedicated to ensuring the right technologies are implemented to scale with your business.  We follow a detailed methodology to uncover hidden requirements and infer market needs so your company is prepared for the future.

Our consultant engineers have exposure to many different technologies, business models, specializations and industries that make our team effective data engineers , business leaders and technology experts.

Having an Avemac engineer on your team will make a difference you can count on to hit target deadlines, revenue targets and margin initiatives.

Broad Domain Expertise

When researching and defining opportunities for clients, our consultant engineers utilize techniques and know-how that goes beyond the typical data science functions.  

Because our engineers have worked at all organizational levels, we are able to evaluate systems, data, processes and strategies from many different perspectives and for many different functions.

We will help your organization identify potential improvements where information modeling will reduce costs or increase revenue . 

Reverse Engineering

Leverage our skill set to work backwards from the data to the originating systems, departments and business functions to find improvements.


Inference is not just for statistics. Utilize our expertise to identify missed opportunities. We help refine processes, systems and data sources.


Just getting started with machine learning? With our background leading software development, infrastructure and data management teams, we can build and implement a strategy customized to your business needs.

Avemac Consulting Project Lifecycle

Focus Areas

Our ability to quickly understand business operations, new technologies and client implementations has been a core advantage we provide to clients and organizations.  As such, we are open to discussing new problem domains in any industry or function.  There are, however, areas we have experience with and focus on to provide faster and better leveraged outcomes for our clients.


  • Churn Management / Customer Retention
  • Customer Service Interactions
  • Document Analysis & Classification
  • Ecommerce Event Prediction
  • Email & Social Media Analysis
  • Fleet Telematics Event Scoring
  • Fulfillment Process Predictions
  • IoT Sensor Event Modeling & Prediction
  • Network/Service Utilization Analysis


  • Clustered Processing Architectures
  • Commercial Cloud Implementations
  • Distributed ETL Functions
  • High-Throughput Service APIs
  • In-House Open Source Solutions
  • Model Inference Integration
  • Multi-GPU Model Training
  • Multi-Threaded Data Preparation
  • Compiled / Portable Languages


  • Data Team Process & Procedure
  • Executive DS/ML Strategy
  • Interim Team Management
  • ML Team Process & Procedure
  • Model Documentation
  • Overall Solution Architecture
  • Process Efficiency Identification
  • System Performance Improvements
  • Team Building & Augmentation


  • Customer Service
  • Federal Government
  • Financial Services
  • Grocery Management
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Internet of Things
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications


  • Banking and Payment Systems
  • Consumer / Agent / Wholesale Billing
  • Customer Care / CRM / Contact Sales
  • Ecommerce / Sales Portals
  • Fleet Management
  • Fulfillment and Provisioning
  • Inventory and Warehouse
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Mobile Networks and OSS/BSS

About Avemac Consulting

Founded in 2019, Avemac Consulting is an IT Advisory and Solutions Development company focused on machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT and SaaS development.  Services include advisory expertise, solutions design, interim management, policy/procedure improvements, product development and hands-on engineering.