Definition and Design

Machine learning technologies offer many business opportunities, but implementing a neural network to enhance products and services is not a slam dunk.  Identifying practical business use cases, implementing efficient processes, leveraging ML/AI tools and platforms, and properly handling input data sets are critical.

As a solutions architect on your team, our goal will be to consider available datasets and how the data can be leveraged to improve your products, services, internal processes and your customer’s experience with your brands.  Then we’ll work together to devise a robust ROI forecast and strategy to implement. This includes the following definition and design services:

    • Data Element Identification and Usage
    • Solution Architecture and Workflow
    • Resource Needs and Processes
    • Business Support System Impacts
    • Network Type and Complexity
    • Training Methods and Frequency
    • External Platform Integrations
    • Technology Tools Selection
    • Data Processing Automation
    • Custom and Derived Data Elements