Mobile Network Consultant for MVNO Operations

Avemac Consulting has extensive experience with mobile network solutions consultant services, wholesale carrier integrations, startups, operations, MVNx services, and all of the associated OSS/BSS systems and processes.  Our MVNO consultancy can help your team get to market faster, whether just starting out or expanding an existing solution.

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Avemac consultants have over a decade of comprehensive telecommunications experience with 3G, 4G and 5G mobile services, IoT device and broadband solutions.  Our mobile network consultant team has worked extensively with the following business solutions…

  • Mobile Network Operator (MNO) agreements, contract negotiations, and operational integrations.
  • Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) startup planning, brand development operations, and partnership negotiations.
  • Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator (MVNA) service planning, platform design and operational processes.
  • Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) startup planning, brand development, P&L, operations, systems and wholesale integration.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions, operational support systems, and technical business processes.
  • Physical MNO designs, regulations, partner negotiations, brand development and business planning.
  • Operational Support Systems (OSS) development and partnerships for service provisioning, management and customer support.
  • Business Support Systems (BSS) development and partnerships for backoffice commerce, fulfillment, billing and customer service.

Not Finding What You're Looking For?

We are a boutique consultancy and adapt to our client's requirements.  If you don't see the service you're in need of, give us a call and let's discuss what you have in mind.

Mobile Network Solutions Consultant Services

Our MVNO consultancy specializes in MVNO operations, planning and MVNO consultant services.  Including:

  • MVNO Startups
  • MVNx Operations
  • Wholesale
  • Physical Networks
  • MVNO Startups
  • MVNx Operations
  • Wholesale
  • Physical Networks
  • IMSI Lease
  • Roaming Networks
  • Private LTE
  • Aggregator Solutions
  • IMSI Lease
  • Roaming Networks
  • Private LTE
  • Aggregator Solutions


  • Market Feasibility Guidance
  • MVNO Startup Strategies
  • MVNO Operations Planning
  • MVNO Turnaround Analysis
  • Mergers and Acquisition Support
  • IoT Connectivity Planning
  • MNO Contract Terms and Rates
  • Sales Channel / Brand Definition
  • Budget Estimations / ROI Analysis
  • Private LTE Solution Planning
  • OSS/BSS Service Models


  • MNO / MVNE Evaluations
  • MNO / MVNE OSS Integrations
  • Network Design and Planning
  • Network Component Selection
  • IPX/GRX Provider Evaluation
  • Roaming / Billing Settlement
  • GSMA / ATIS Regulations
  • Private LTE and IoT Networks
  • SIM Products and Configuration
  • OCS/Gy/PCRF Solutions
  • SMPP Interfaces


  • MNO / MVNO Process Definition
  • Project Planning and Support
  • OSS Systems and Automation
  • Change Management Procedures
  • Mobile Commerce Solutions
  • Billing System Deployments
  • Inventory and Fulfillment Delivery
  • Reverse Logistics Processing
  • Usage / Rating / Metering Systems
  • Customer Service Solutions
  • Administrative Systems


  • Competitive Product Analysis
  • Profit & Loss Modeling
  • Carrier Price Plan Management
  • Churn Analysis and Prevention
  • Product Feature Guidance
  • Acquisition Strategy and Retention


  • Retail and Wholesale Billing Solutions
  • Taxation Systems and Evaluations
  • MNO / MVNE Invoice Reconciliation
  • Roaming / Billing Settlement
  • Line Cost Analysis and Profitability
  • Inventory / Accounting / Integrations

Mobile Network Solutions Consultant Expertise

When considering a mobile network implementation, whether for traditional phone services or Internet of Things connectivity, there are a number of different options available depending upon your target market and resources.  Avemac’s mobile network consultant services and MVNO operations team can help your organization plan financials, operations, services, technology, market approach and provider negotiations with the following network types.  

Best for established LECs or under served markets, creating a physical cellular network may be an appropriate path and one that keeps in line with your core business. Building from scratch is by far the most expensive, time consuming, complex and difficult approach to complete successfully.

For providing general mobile services, direct to consumer services, IoT connectivity, or B2B mobile reseller solutions, the best choice may be to commission an established wireless carrier to provide the underlying mobile infrastructure and operational support systems.

For companies with niche products and value added services or those wishing to expand their non-wireless brand’s product offering, hiring a commercial enabler may be the appropriate and most cost effective direction to take.

If your target market is global and directed towards mobile phone services, IoT or tracking solutions, then partnering with a roaming aggregator may provide the best balance of rates to coverage and implementation simplicity.

IMSI leasing is a hybrid MVNO approach with a physical network component. If your product or service requires real-time network subscriber controls, bandwidth policy or online charging then pursuing an IMSI lease with a commercial provider should be a consideration.

For organizations large enough to realize cost savings from an internally managed cellular network, a private LTE deployment may be a viable option. Especially for enterprises with globally distributed teams or critical operations that require constant monitoring.

Choose Your MVNO Consultant Carefully

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Regardless of the type of network or wireless consumer service you’re looking to build, it is imperative that your plans include a robust evaluation of your target market and of the options available to achieve your goals.

An industry tenured, mobile network solutions consultant will greatly help your team avoid unnecessary obstacles and setbacks.  And will provide the support needed to ensure you receive favorable terms and service rates.

Ultimately, the mobile network consultant team you assemble will make the difference between success and failure.