Order Management

Order management systems sit between the commerce platforms and the billing and fulfillment systems. In some cases these components are included as part of a larger solution, but regardless of the location, the order management function is a critical juncture between business systems.

Some organizations view order management as a portal service for ecommerce sites, customer service applications, client administrative services and partner systems to place orders in a standardized way via a consistent REST, SOAP or File based API.

The integration between order management and fulfillment must be tightly controlled when physical inventory and shipping services are involved.  State management becomes a real concern for systems integraters that must ensure all systems remain synchronized to ensure orders are placed accurately.

Avemac Consulting designs order management interfaces and solutions for organizations needing to bridge commerce and fulfillment systems.  Our team will assess your requirements and recommend a solution custom developed to your needs or implementable through one or more commercial systems.