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facial recognition software

IBM to halt all development of facial recognition software

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Microsoft acquires cyberx for azure iot security

Microsoft acquires CyberX to complement Azure IoT security capabilities

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Google's SmartReply AI Youtube

Google’s SmartReply, an AI powered software, to release on popular YouTube platform in 2020.

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american ai covid-19 amazon

Could American AI be the future of “new normal” for companies amid frightening COVID-19 pandemic.

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serverless computing cloud network

Could serverless computing be the key to how enterprises build their application?

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Hybrid Multicloud

Hybrid Multicloud to be the future of legacy IT systems says IBM CEO at 2020 IBM Think Digital Conference

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Deep Learning Program Machine Learning

Deep Learning Programs revolutionize beyond large enterprise usage

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Video Calling 5G Nokia

Video Calling to be the “killer app” of 5G in midst of global pandemic says Nokia

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Smart Manufacturing 5G Mobile

Advancing smart manufacturing with global adoption of 5G IoT.

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Amazon Web Services Cloud Wars

Cloud wars: Amazon Web Services to open new office for 600 employees, just down the road from Microsoft HQ

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ai and machine learning covid-19

How AI and machine learning are helping to fight COVID-19

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aws outpace competition

AWS outpace competition with release of two new EC2 instances and more cloudy Arm CPUs

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amazon comprehend twitter telecom outages

Amazon Comprehend to use EC2 instances and social media platforms like twitter to detect and visualize telecom network outages

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Tensorflow User Groups world wide

75 TensorFlow User Groups around the world release their experience with Google’s TensorFlow framework

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TensorFlow Runtime Google

Google’s TensorFlow Runtime open-sources new 28% higher inference latency

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