Research and POCs

A Proof of Concept initiative can take many different paths, but regardless of the approach, the efforts to prove the feasibility of a new concept or enhancement before investing heavily in development is a good approach to follow for any objective of significant size.

From our experience, a POC can take the form of a logic-based research paper heavily backed by market research, technical feasibility reviews and required skill assessments. 

A POC may also involve the rapid development of an application or the integration of several systems to create a general simulacrum to reach buy-in from decision makers.

And, there is also the option of using a close commercial approximation (following the 80/20 rule) to gauge market response.

Regardless of the method, Avemac Consulting excels at research and solutions architecture for proof of concepts and new ideas.  Our product development and engineering expertise can help your organization reach a decision faster and cheaper.