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The goal of any product or service is to provide exceptional value to the consumer while remaining as profitable as possible throughout the product or services’ life cycle.  Technology plays a key role in product development; whether leveraged in whole or as part of a product/service or as internal support scaffolding for delivery processes and consumer care services.

Not only do solutions developers need to understand how technology is effectively integrated into products, services and support processes, but also how technology will need to strategically evolve to keep pace with these deliverables, how initial and ongoing costs will be managed and how resource needs and acquisition will be impacted.

As technology consultants, it is our job to assess how different technologies can be used to achieve our client’s targeted goals while maintaining the most effective balance of complexity, quality, reliability, financial impact and resource availability.

For end-to-end product/service designs, these evaluations will oftentimes include non-technical elements as corroborating evidence for technical decisions and can include staff planning, operational processes, product feature scheduling, and P&L scoping for sales/market forecasts and industry changes.

Solutions Architecture

To be an effective developer of solutions requires much more than knowledge and proficiency with technology.  Solution architects will oftentimes focus too heavily on technical requirements and will fail to consider the impacts their decisions will have on consumers, operations, marketing, sales and finance.  These inaccurate technical designs will sometimes get caught during the development phase, but in many cases these systems will be released into production and not corrected until much later.  Either way, there are considerable costs and delays associated with poor solution designs that can be avoided by having the correct resources involved.

Understanding how each functional business unit operates and what each unit requires to successfully manage the business is critical to providing designs and specifications that are easily adopted, financially prudent, implemented successfully and managed efficiently in both the short and long terms.

Our approach to solutions development involves a careful consideration and awareness of many different facets of business administration.

Some of the key concerns for any project include market understanding and innovation requirements, quality standards, resource/staff impacts, process requirements and complexity, manual versus automated operations, consumer life cycle, financial efficiency and acceptance, consumer/technical support considerations and business continuity.

Within the technical realm, balancing tactical versus strategic decisions to meet MVP (minimum viable product) requirements while enabling long-term reuse and consistent practices, future proofing for technology refresh and scalability concerns and organizing around a services-oriented approach to control complexity are just a few of the considerations we take into account.


About Avemac Consulting

Founded in 2019, Avemac Consulting is a technology advisory and solutions development company. 

We partner with small and mid-market clients to deliver exceptional leadership and value across a broad range of business functions, including executive technology management, solutions architecture, software development, cloud services, operations and product development.

Our focus is on the financial benefits of improved operational efficiency, technology planning, complex ecosystem collaborations and disruptive products/services.

We specialize in executive IT management, advanced solutions development, service channel operations, supporting systems orchestration and augmenting existing platform solutions with IoT and Machine Learning enhancements.

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